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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Conquer Me by Geneva Lee

Title: Conquer Me (The Royals Saga #2)
Author: Geneva Lee
Genre: Erotica, Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Release Date: November 11th, 2014
Alexander had the world at his feet and me on my knees...until secrets tore us apart.

I should stay away from him. I should run. But I'm addicted to the pleasure and the pain.

He warned me about his dark side...about his past. But I have a past, too. Together we'll conquer our demons if we don't destroy each other first.

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Don't miss out on the beginning of Clara and Alexander's story in COMMAND ME...


When he kissed me, I was shocked. He was a stranger and still so familiar. It wasn't until I woke up to my picture splashed on the cover of tabloids that I realized I knew who he was.

Prince Alexander of Cambridge.

Royal bad boy.

Exiled heir to the throne.

He isn't Prince Charming. He's controlling. He's demanding. He's dangerous. And I can't say no to him.

We both have secrets—secrets that could tear us apart or drive us closer together—and as the paparazzi exposes each one, I have to decide just how far I'm willing to go for King and Country.

For readers 18 and up due to mature, erotic scenarios.

Formerly titled For King and Country

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“I trust you.” In some ways those words held more meaning than any others I’d spoken to him.

He knew it. Alexander brushed a kiss across my mouth. The sweet gesture only ratcheted up the pulse between my legs. “Put your hands behind your back.”

I obeyed without protest. His arms slipped around me, pinning my wrists together before I felt lace wrapping slowly around them. He bound them together tightly enough that there was no chance I could pull an arm free but not so much that it hurt. A thrill raced from my stomach to my throat. A strange mixture of apprehension and elation swirled through my head. I bit my lip, trying to hold the dizzying effect he had on me at bay. For the first time, I didn’t simply want this—I needed it. I needed him to take command and make me forget all the fear and anger I’d felt earlier.
He stepped back and regarded me—legs spread wide on the counter, hands bound behind my back—and smiled. The darkness that always flickered in the depths of his beautiful eyes flamed to life.

“Now you have me where you want me,” I murmured, surprised at the sultry undertone of my own voice. I wasn’t entirely certain who this vixen was, but I was eager for her to come out and play—eager to let go.

But Alexander held back, clearly not as restless as I was, and shook his head. “Not quite, poppet.”

He slid open a drawer and removed a white kitchen towel. Shaking it open, he laid it on the counter and folded it longwise into precise thirds. When he lifted it to my face, there was a moment of hesitation. He didn’t ask my permission again. He only waited for me to say no, but I was silent. Tying it around my eyes, he whispered, “You still have your voice.”

Then he was gone. I sensed his presence and knew he was standing there surveying his prize. With my sight taken from me, I was aware of the sharp intake of his breath. The air felt cooler on my bare skin. Every inch of me felt alive.

“Beautiful,” he said in appreciative voice. “First, you will eat.”

I started to protest, but it was no use. There was no arguing with Alexander’s protective side. Beside me a bag rustled and I heard the metallic crunch of foil being torn away. An exotic aroma flooded my nostrils and I breathed in, trying to guess what he’d brought home for me. I was an adventurous eater, but I’d always known what was going into my mouth.
“Open your mouth.”

I did as he instructed and spice burst across my tongue. I chewed slowly, delicately. The flavors were Moroccan, I guessed, but although I’d had the cuisine before, I’d never savored it like this, deprived of my sight—deprived of even the ability to feed myself. When I was ready, he offered me another bite and another. Something about the act, so nurturing and yet so domineering, made the experience almost orgasmic. Each bite stole another moan of pleasure from me as the unexpected textures and flavors hit my palate.

“Are you ready for the next course?” he asked at last, and something in his tone sent anticipation fluttering through me.

I nodded, licking my lips.

His hands slid under my arms and he lifted me to my feet. “Kneel.”

About the Author:

Geneva Lee prefers fantasy to reality, especially fantasies involving powerful, dangerous, and sexy men. You can find her devouring a good romance while avoiding the laundry and the children. She lives in Seattle with her family.

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My Review:

Damn!!! Hot, exciting, intriguing, romantic, heartbreaking... That's only few of the words with which I can describe this book. It brought tears to my eyes from the first few pages and from there it was just a roller coaster. I couldn't tear my eyes from my Kindle. That much I was invested in Clara and Alexander's story. Geneva Lee did an amazing job in writing this story as there wasn't even one dull moment in it. With every page I was getting more and more invested into the book. And once I read the last word, I was simply left craving more. More of what will happen in their relations, more of Belle, more of Edward, more of Clara and definitely more of Alexander.

Alexander is just so delicious and pantie melting. I mean come on. He has a messy black hair with sapphire blue eyes and a body that will leave you breathless. And if that is not enough he is dominant alpha male with a possessive streak a mile long, ready to do everything to protect the woman he loves. And if you couple that with his broken soul and the demons he carries from his past, and he is simply IRRESISTIBLE... Alexander was showing a peak of all these in Command Me but somehow in this book each one of them is more pronounced. He is more dominant, more possessive but he is also more romantic, more tender. He really opens up to Clara and allows her to see who he really is. Without secrets, without walls between them. The truth is that it just made me fall in love with him even more.

I loved that in this book Clara clearly showed her strength and stuck to her decision to fight for Alexander. In the beginning of the story her heartbreak was so strong that I felt it as my own. In a way I understood her decision and the pain she was going through but I would have still preferred if her and Alexander didn't go through that.

I definitely enjoyed the few fun scenes and, damn, those sexy hot scenes left me panting. They were so erotic that I simply have no words to describe them :) On the other hand, the suspense and the unknown secrets in the book kept it intriguing and exciting. I loved that I got to read more about Edward and David and I am really interested to see what will happen with Belle. I think there is a story there that will be worth reading ;)

In a few words, the book is great. The story is amazingly good written and the characters are intriguing and captivating. I think Conquer Me is even better than the first part in the series. I am definitely craving some Alexander at the moment and I cannot wait for the next part to come out :) I simply want them to have their HEA. If you haven't read this series, you should definitely check it out. And if you've read Command Me, then you know that you simply have to read Conquer Me. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed :)


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