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Blog Tour: Conflicted + Review

Title: Conflicted (Secrets and Lies, #1) 
Author: M. M. Koenig 
Genre: New Adult, Romantic Suspense 
Release Date: December 19, 2013 
Synopsis: Mia Ryan was on the path to make all her dreams come true. Her life was everything she wanted it to be; until one fateful night changed everything – leaving her broken and without direction. Nearly a year later, she still has little faith in anyone or anything. Desperate to reclaim her life’s ambition, she takes an unexpected offer that promises to solve all her problems. But as Mia moves forward, she’s faced with obstacles she couldn’t have foreseen. The biggest of them lies within the mystery of Ethan Fitzgerald; a man who affects her like no other, but who she should avoid pursuing, at all costs. On a mission himself, Ethan Fitzgerald didn’t care who he pissed off on his road to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. He relied on himself, and was closed off to the world around him – until Mia Ryan walked through his door. Normally one to avoid messy emotions, Ethan’s world is turned upside down by Mia, and he can’t seem to get enough of her. There are lines you can cross that will change the course of your life forever

My Review:

Conflicted is exactly my type of novel. It is full of mystery, hot scenes, an utterly sexy alpha male and a strong heroine. 

The story follows Mia´s struggles while she tries to put her life in order after being betrayed and left with her dreams shattered in pieces. Being the strong woman she is, she won´t stop against anything to get what she wants. She will fight to get her chance in journalism one again. All the mystery surrounding her job and Ethan will be slowly unveiled though we are left with more questions than answers at the end of the book.

Ethan is the perfect book boyfriend. He is handsome, powerful, sexy, demanding and caring though I think he is not everything he says he is. There is a halo of mystery surrounding him. He will catch your eye, your heart and won´t let you go unscathed after reading his story with Mia.

Conflicted is a well structured novel, though sometimes kind of slow-paced but the writing style is enjoyable and full of mystery. Can´t wait to read the next book!

I traced my tongue along his luscious lips. After what seemed like forever, he parted his lips to grant me further access. I took every part of him into my mouth while reaching for his tie to unfasten it. Bringing my hands back to his body, my nails began to outline every inch of his chest before running down to his waistline. I tugged at his shirt so that I could feel his skin on mine. I yearned for the reckless feelings inside of me to grow and take away everything else. Ethan moaned before biting down against my bottom lip. Listening to his soft moans started an intense blaze between my legs.
With each swipe and nip, my breath shortened as my heart raced at a mile a minute. I ran my hands up his neck. I let my fingers appreciate every part of his hair before yanking it as my body begged for more of him. Ethan hissed and stepped away. He looked confused, but shrugged it off. He slowly moved us further into his office. He brought his lips back to mine with an intensity that matched the force I was using. He maneuvered us over to a section of the bookshelves on the right side of his office. His mouth never left mine, as his hand parted from my side and went up to pull down a book. A section of the wall separated and opened to an empty hallway. He picked me up. I wrapped my legs around him. The door closed behind us. He dragged his lips down to my neck. He nibbled at every exposed spot he could find. I leaned my head against the door and banged it as every part of me yearned for him to be inside of me.
“Oh, God,” I moaned loudly.
Ethan raised a hand to cover my mouth. I was on fire with my need for him. I ran my hands down to his slacks and unbuttoned the fly along with the buttons of his shirt. My tongue traced the marvelous tattoos that covered his chest. I outlined one of the patterns before grazing my teeth across his nipple. Ethan purred and squeezed me tighter to him. His hardness pressed between my thighs and increased the throbbing that cried for us to shed our clothes.
Ethan took several more steps that further dumped us into an empty room. He shut the door behind us and pressed me into the wall next to it. He brought his hand to the inside of my leg and tore my panties from my body. His long fingers traced along the insides of my thighs until he hit my hot spot, deftly sliding in and out.
“Ethan,” I moaned even louder than earlier.
He quieted me with his hungry lips. His tongue commanded mine until I stopped moaning. “You have got to try to be quiet Mia,” Ethan said in between heated breaths.
His fingers fell to a meticulous pace that quickly had me close. His tongue swept across my neck and over to my earlobe. I brought my head down and rested it in the crook of his neck. I tenderly bit down to keep from whimpering again.


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