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Release Day Blitz & Review: Something Reckless (Reckless & Real) by Lexi Ryan

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author

Lexi Ryan

Adult Contemporary Romance

Release: December 22, 2014

He talks dirty to me, but I don’t know his name.

He wants to tie me up, but I don’t know his face.

He turns me on, but I couldn’t point him out in a crowd.

I’ve fallen for an anonymous stranger, and tonight the anonymity ends. Tonight I want more than typed secrets and texted promises. I want something reckless. Heat. Passion. The thrill of being entirely possessed.

Because I suspect this anonymous stranger isn’t a stranger at all.

Lizzy Thompson met riverrat69 online through Something Real, a service promising to deliver meaningful relationships by forbidding its users to share names or photos until they’ve reached a certain benchmark. She was looking for love. He was researching an investment. They hit it off. Talked and flirted, hid behind screen names and cartoon avatars.

Now they’re breaking the rules and meeting in person. But Liz is prepared. She’s picked up hints and followed clues.

She’s ninety-percent convinced she’s discovered the identity of her dirty-talking online friend.

She wonders if her ex-lover Sam Bradshaw knows her identity too.

When she rolls the dice on one reckless night, her chance at something real could crumble.

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“You look amazing in this dress. I’ve been pretending all night that there’s something I want to do more than get you out of it.”

“What would you do with me if you got so lucky?”

“I’d keep you up all night, for starters.” He slides a hand into my hair and traces the side of my neck with his thumb. His groan rumbles through me. “Tell me what you came here for.”

I thought that was pretty clear. “I’m wearing extremely slutty underwear. What do you think?”

His nostrils flare and his breathing goes thready. “I think I’m going to have to up my game, because now I want to see it.”

I have to bite back a smile. “Good,” I say. My heart thumps out a beat, probably Morse code for please and thank you.

“How slutty is this underwear of yours?”

I lick my lips. “Oh, it’s damn near whorish.”

“Let me see it, Liz.”

I lift my chin and prop my hands on my hips. “Seriously? That’s all the seduction I get? Let me see it?”

He steps closer until I have to crane my neck to look at him, and holy hell he smells good. “What game are we playing here, Rowdy?” he murmurs against my ear. “Is this the one where we pretend we don’t want each other and sleep alone . . .” His fingers skim down my shoulder and my eyes float closed. “Or is it the one where I make you come so hard you scream my name and tomorrow you act like you want nothing to do with me?”

“Are those my only choices?” I ask, but I keep my eyes closed, focusing on the feel of his rough fingers dancing across my skin. The truth is, I don’t want to play either game. I’m done playing games when it comes to Sam. I’m done pretending I don’t want him when I do, and I’m done pretending our annual one-night stand is enough for me.

“Tell me you aren’t going to run away in the morning. Promise me you won’t shut me out again.”

I don’t know what that means, and I’m too scared to analyze it. My eyes are still closed when he takes my chin in his fingers and tilts my face up to his, still closed when he brushes his lips over mine and when I open under him because I’m helpless to this man’s kiss.

“Promise me,” he repeats.

“I won’t run away.” Then I unzip my dress and let it fall to the floor in a puddle, and my boldness is rewarded. Sam’s lips part and his breath escapes him in a rush.

He steps back and takes me in. The bra is strapless, black lace demi-cups that lift my breasts until they threaten to spill out. The panties—what there is of them—are a thong in matching black lace. Their fine lace straps sit in a sharp V high on my hipbones.

A ringlet of hair escaped my up-do, and he takes it between his fingers and twirls it around. I deserve a medal for not melting right here at his feet.

He hooks his index finger under the black bow between my bra cups. “Did you wear this for me?” His voice is a husky whisper that I can’t deny.


His fingers skim my belly, trace over my hip, following the lace of my thong behind me to where the straps meet at the small of my back. My breath catches as he takes the fabric path over the curve of my tailbone and down, his fingers bringing every nerve ending to life as they pass. Electric pleasure whips through me.

“Fourteen months since I’ve touched you,” he says. “Fourteen months since I’ve gotten to hear the way you breathe when you’re turned on, since I’ve gotten to listen to you scream as I make you come. Tell me you haven’t thought about it.”

“I’d be lying.”

“Don’t lie,” he says, eyes hot and intense. “Just tell me you want me.”

Copyright Lexi Ryan, 2014

Adult Contemporary Romance
FREE introductory novella to the SOMETHING RECKLESS

“You need a good guy. A long-term guy. One who does dates and romance and emotional strings…I’m just an asshole who wants to tie you up, make you come, and walk away.”

Samuel Bradshaw is a man with a reputation—the kind of reputation that should have me running the other way. Instead, it has me searching for the shortest distance to his bed. I won’t be the starry-eyed girl who thinks she can change a man like Sam, and despite what he thinks, forever is not what I need. I need the things he makes me feel, the way he turns me on, and the promise of pleasure in his eyes. This promises to be SOMETHING WILD.

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling romance author Lexi Ryan’s novels have been described as intense, emotional, and wickedly sexy. A former college professor, she now writes full-time from her home in Indiana, where she lives with her husband, two children, and a neurotic dog. Find her on Facebook or Twitter to chat about books, TV, and her children’s latest antics.

My Review:

This is definitely quite an interesting read :) I started with Something Wild which is a great prequel to the Reckless & Real series. Even though it is not necessary to read Something Wild beforehand, in my opinion the short story enhances the experience :) It is a great way to get introduced to Sam and Liz and to gain some insight into their characters and relationship :) I definitely enjoyed reading it and had a lot of fun with the interactions between the two characters. I loved the verbal sparring between them and their chemistry is just OFF the charts :) I have to say that the short story is written in such a way that it just leaves you craving more of Sam and Liz. So have in mind that once you start, you will simply crave to find more about them :) Just be prepared to #oneclick the other two parts in the series (the second part, Something Real, will be out in the beginning of 2015).

I was lucky to be able to read Something Reckless immediately after Something Wild. The story was really intriguing and fascinating. It caught my attention after the first few words and I simply couldn't stop reading until I read the last word. And after that I was still craving more. I just can't wait to read the next part and to find out what will happen with Sam and Liz.

Sam is definitely a delicious character and he can for sure leave salivating after him :D I know I was. But apart from that, he is also a man who in a way is completely clueless how to fight for the one woman he always wanted. I definitely enjoyed reading about his struggles with his feelings for Liz and I loved the part that he was pretty much in love with her since he was in college :) I loved seeing his jealous side and definitely his romantic side :)

Liz is also quite an interesting character. I have to say that at times her behavior, at least in my opinion, was quite immature. But considering her past experience with Sam, it is probably quite understandable. I definitely enjoyed seeing her going after her dream job for the first time and finally finding for herself that she is not the stupid useless blonde everybody thinks she is (of course except Sam ;) ). I loved the way the relationship between Sam and Liz develops. They have so many difficulties to overcome but I enjoyed immensely seeing them finally together. I just have to warn you. There are few twists in the plot that are completely unexpected and will leave your head spinning. And the ending is such a cliffhanger that you will for sure crave the next book :)

In a few words, I loved this story. The characters are very well developed and the story is quite fascinating. I definitely recommend this book to all lovers of romance books :) But heed my warning ;) Expect the cliffie in the end. In my case, I can't wait for Something Real to come out :) I simply want it NOW :D

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