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Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy is live!!!!!

The first book of the new series by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy is finally here!

Hosting her brother’s wedding for an MVP guest list is the challenge of Jess Canning’s life. Already the family screw-up, she can’t afford to fail. And nobody (nobody!) can learn of the colossal mistake she made with the best man during a weak moment last spring. It was wrong, and there will not be a repeat. Absolutely not. Even if he is the sexiest thing on two legs.

Blake Riley sees the wedding as fate’s gift to him. Jess is the maid of honor and he’s the best man? Let the games begin. So what if he’s facing a little (fine, a lot) of resistance? He just needs to convince the stubborn blonde that he’s really a good boy with a bad rap. Luckily, every professional hockey player knows that you’ve got to make an effort if you want to score.

But Jess has more pressing issues to deal with than sexy-times with a giant man-child. Such as: Will the ceremony start on time, even though someone got grandma drunk? Does glitter ever belong at a wedding? And is it wrong to murder the best man?

Caution: May cause accidental aspiration of tea or coffee. Do not read in a public place where loud laughter is inappropriate. Contains hot but hilarious hockey players, puppy cuddling and a snarky pair of underwear.

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Stay, Book #2 of the series, will be out mid-June!

Sarina Bowen
Sarina Bowen is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Vermont's Green Mountains with her family, six chickens and too much ski gear and hockey equipment.
In 2016, Sarina became a Rita Award winner! The Romance Writers of America honored HIM by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy with Best Contemporary Romance, Mid-Length.

Elle Kennedy
New York TimesUSA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A. in English from York University. From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.
Elle writes romantic suspense and erotic contemporary romance for various publishers. She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting!

My Review
Every time I start a book by Sarina and Elle, I've come to know that I will probably love it, and this time was no different!
I've loved this book so so much!

First of all, I strongly recommend to read Him and Us before reading this book. In Us we first meet Blake, we fall in love with him, and there is even the first encounter between Blake and Jess!
So yes, definitely start from that series.

But let me tell you more about Good Boy.
The story focuses on Blake and Jess. Blake is a hockey player, a hot, very hot hockey player, and he's also in the same team as Jess' brother-in-law. 
The first encounter between them is nothing to be forgotten... Just two words: massage chair. A very hot and kinky massage chair.

Blake and Jess couldn't be more different: he's the funniest, simplest guy ever, always laughing, always happy, always full of energy. At first, he appears like a guy who has not a worry in the world, always with a prompt (and usually funny) answer to every problem.

Jess appears to be more serious: she's in a place where she has to take some life-altering decisions, absolutely no time for a relationship, never mind a story with a guy that seems not to have the word "serious" in his vocabulary.

But never underestimate the power of a guy who can make you laugh! Step by step, we see how their relationship changes.
They become friends and confidents. And lovers (OMG, please give me a real Blake, I want one too!).

One of the things that I've loved the most was coming to understand the whole Blake package: the complexity, pass me the term, of this amazing guy. I think of him as THE Good Boy, the one that has a heart of gold, that puts the need of the others before his. Even if personally hurt, he doesn't want to retaliate (and boy, what happened to him was nothing to joke about!).

And I can't forget the secondary characters, that in my opinion give so much to a story! I had so much fun reading about Jess's roommate, or Jamie and Wes (<3), or Blake's teammates and the Wags!

To finish, I want to say that I've loved this couple, the chemistry between them was something amazing, two different people that balance one another in such a perfect way!

I would have so much more to tell about this great book, but I don't want to spoiler anything, so go buy this book and fall in love with this awesome story!

Promo Blitz, Book Oscar Nominee: Rescued (A McKenzie Ridge #1) by Stephanie St. Klaire

Title: Rescued
Series: A McKenzie Ridge #1
Author: Stephanie St. Klaire
Release Date: March 15th, 2016
Just as the walls start to come down, boundaries redefine, and things heat up, tragedy hits the small mountain town of McKenzie Ridge.

Sexy EMT Dawson Tayler made hearts break, and panties melt with a single look. Far from home, in the charming tourist town, he lives a simple life his family would be appalled by – if they were alive. Dawson suddenly finds his satisfying life, emotionless as it was, changing the night he nearly loses her.

The storming ball of fire, that is Nurse Sam Taylor, defined the word fighter. At five feet and a handful of inches, beautiful Sam was kind, giving, and a complete hard ass. Abandonment was a lesson Sam learned early on, leaving her with a hardened heart as a result. Men were as necessary as a hang nail and weren’t part of her plan, until him.

After months of shameless flirting, and generating steam everyone in their circle could see but them, the unlikely couple agreed to a friend’s only breakfast that turned into every morning – for weeks. Committed to the single life, this was not a relationship, and they definitely were not dating.

Does Dawson’s past and present collide and ruin what they have built? Will her secret be the deal breaker that ends this affair, before it even begins? Their steamy romance rushes through suspenseful twists, turns, and malice. Will Dawson and Sam find a happily ever after, or, is there someone else lurking in McKenzie Ridge trying to destroy it all?  

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author:
Stephanie St. Klaire debuted as an author in 2016 with her McKenzie Ridge Series. Rescued, released in March of 2016 as the first book in a five book series, launching her writing career. Stephanie is a Pacific Northwest native currently living in Oregon with her husband, five children, and two ferocious lap dogs. 

As a writer, Stephanie brings realistic circumstances to the pages, and fills them with real emotion, reactions, and outcomes. Her characters are passionate, have bold personalities, and full of life. She writes happily ever after’s, with plenty of twists, turns, drama, and of course, steamy romance. 

Stephanie has always been a story teller, with the gift of “gab”. With a life-long goal to be a writer, unfortunate circumstances with her health, finally afforded her the time to do so. Irony at its best, she began writing her first novel at an adverse time, to escape her circumstance and explore the stories in her imagination for relief. She is happy to share those stories with her readers, and bring a little fun, entertainment, and of course smexy characters to the pages.

Follow Stephanie St. Klaire on Social media to learn more about her, and to keep up with her work.

Promo Blitz, Book Oscar Nominee: Always The One by C.C. Monroe

Title: Always The One
Author: C.C. Monroe
Release Date: August 25th, 2016
Friendships are defined as a bond between two people, a building of a strong connection and like for one another. Usually excluding romantic or sexual feelings. Now what occurs when the typical doesn’t happen and friendship turns to love?

Trey Adams spends his days working with music and pining over his longtime best friend, Shayla Donovan. The only thing holding him back is his past, a past where love only hurts and leaves you. To love Shayla the way he desires may be a long, arduous road.

Shayla Donovan has lived thirteen years of her life with a secret she is ready to confess. Pushing her fear aside may be the only way she can move forward in helping Trey learn the meaning of true love.

On their journey to finding love, these two souls will fight battles bigger than they could ever imagine.

*This novel contains mature subject matter, such as explicit sexual situations and coarse language, please refrain from reading if these things offend you. This story is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. Hot, sensitive, alpha male, with an HEA.  

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author:
Author CC Monroe is from the hottest city in the world, Phoenix, Arizona. She spends her days working in fashion and her nights with her face in her laptop telling the stories of the voices in her mind. She left Arizona a few years back and now lives in the beautiful snow state of Utah, where she married her true love! 

When she isn't writing or working, she is making people laugh with her mad sense of humor and tip of the tongue one liners.

Promo Blitz, Book Oscar Nominee: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

Title: The Hating Game
Author: Sally Thorne
Release Date: August 9th, 2016
Nemesis (n.)
1) An opponent or rival whom a person cannot best or overcome;
2) A person’s undoing;
3) Joshua Templeman.

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman hate each other. Not dislike. Not begrudgingly tolerate. Hate. And they have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude.

Now up for the same promotion, their battle of wills has come to a head and Lucy refuses to back down when their latest game could cost her her dream job…But the tension between Lucy and Joshua has also reached its boiling point, and Lucy is discovering that maybe she doesn’t hate Joshua. And maybe, he doesn’t hate her either. Or maybe this is just another game.

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author:
Sally Thorne lives in Canberra, Australia, and spends her days writing funding submissions and drafting contracts (yawn!) so it’s not surprising that after hours she climbs into colorful fictional worlds of her own creation. Sally believes that romance readers are always searching for intensity in their next favorite book—and it isn't always so easy to find. The Hating Game is her first novel.

Promo Blitz, Book Oscar Nominee: El Diablo (The Devil #1) by M. Robinson

Title: El Diablo
Series: The Devil #1
Author: M. Robinson
Release Date: August 30th, 2016
I was ruthless.
I was feared.
I had sacrificed. Myself. Her. Everything

Living in a world where I was worth more dead than alive was a choice. I was a bad man, never claimed to be anything else. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Seen things that can’t be unseen. I’ve caused pain that I can’t undo.
It was all my choice.
Every decision.
Every order.
Right and wrong never mattered.
Until her.
She was under my protection, until she became my obsession.
But who was going to save her...

From. Me. The devil himself.

Fate brought us together. Destiny destroyed us.

STANDALONE. New Adult Contemporary Romance: Full length novel  

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author:
M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.

Promo Blitz, Book Oscar Nominee: White House Series by Katie Evans

Title: Mr. President
Series: White House #1
Author: Katy Evans
Release Date: October 31st, 2016
From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans comes a sizzling new contemporary romance.

He's won the hearts of millions. But is he willing to lose his?

I met the president’s son when we were both young. Matthew Hamilton was handsome, polished, and intelligent. I’d never met a guy like him.

He promised me that he’d never run for president. I promised that if he did, I’d be by his side.

Three terms later, an invitation to join Matthew Hamilton’s campaign is the most exhilarating opportunity I’ve ever experienced. I'm determined to make a difference; he is determined to win.

Focused on his goal, Matt is steadfast, ruthless, and disarming. All eyes are on him and his popularity is surging. But soon, the next possible president of the United States is possessing me in more ways than one—and despite the risks, I'm helpless to resist.

We're stealing touches, stealing moments, and stealing away at night. But our chemical connection is quickly becoming dangerously combustive, putting not only my heart, but Matt's chance at the presidency on the line.

Winning will take everything. Walking away will be the hardest thing of all.  

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

Title: Commander In Chief
Series: White House #2
Author: Katy Evans
Release Date: January 5th, 2017
The sizzling second installment of the White House series, by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Katy Evans.

We fell in love during the campaign.
The stakes were high.
Reputations could have been ruined.
Scandal hovered over us like a cloud.
Now the man I love is the President of the United States of America.
And its not my vote he is after.
He wants it all.
My heart. My body. My soul.
He wants me by his side.
In the White House.
Normalcy will be gone from my life, privacy forgotten.
I am only twenty three. I just wanted to play a part in history. But it seems like history wasn't done with me. The part where I lost my heart to Matthew Hamilton? It was only the beginning...  

Purchase Links:

Amazon US | Amazon UK

About the Author:
Katy Evans is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author. Her debut REAL shot to the top of the bestselling lists in 2013 and since then 10 of her titles have been New York Times bestsellers. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages across the world.

Release Blitz: Billionaire Unknown - Blake (The Billionaire's Obsession #10) by J.S. Scott

Title: Billionaire Unknown - Blake 
Series: The Billionaire's Obsession #10
Author: J.S. Scott 
Release Date: January 31st, 2017


I was perfectly content with my life. My career was booming. I travelled. I did as much charity work as I possibly could for the homeless, and I was perfectly happy with the choices I'd made.

At least...I was--until my sister, Dani, came up missing. As an international correspondent, she travelled to war-torn countries, and she'd stepped a little too far over the line. With my sibling kidnapped and running out of time, I had no option except to approach Marcus Colter for help.

Seeing Marcus again after having him break my heart over a decade ago wasn't easy, but to my relief, the old feelings I thought I might still harbor for him were completely gone. He was like a stranger to me. After meeting with him, my only emotion was gratitude that he was going to try to rescue my sister.

Before I could relax about feeling nothing for Marcus, I met Blake Colter, and realized every emotion I thought I'd have for Marcus was suddenly present for the gorgeous US senator.

It was ridiculous. I hadn't seen Blake since we were kids.

How could I have given myself to Marcus so many years ago, yet have these feelings for his twin brother, Blake?

The more time I spent with Blake, waiting for my sister to be rescued, the more confused I became about my attraction to him.

Then, my entire world came crashing down when I found out that everything I thought was true for over a decade wasn't the truth at all.

What happens when a woman finds out that a man she'd both loved and hated for over a decade never really existed at all?

Purchase Links:

B&N | iBooks | Google Play | Amazon US | Amazon CA |  Amazon UK


About the Author:

J.S. Scott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of steamy romance. She's an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J.S. Scott writes both contemporary steamy romance stories and paranormal romance erotics. They almost always feature an Alpha Male and have a happily ever after because she just can't seem to write them any other way! 

Monday, January 30, 2017

Bad Boys Monday: Ash Evans from Stay (Bleeding Stars #5) by A. L. Jackson

It looks like I haven't written a Bad Boy Monday post for ages and I am sorry about that. But somehow I just didn't have the inspiration. There was always something missing and none of the dominant alpha males inspired me to write about them. But that was until the moment I opened Stay by A.L. Jackson and was introduced to Ash Evans - the naughty rockstar with a heart of gold. He is exactly what you would expect from every bad boy rockstar - the drinking, the women, the not-a-care-in-the-world attitude. But he is also a bad boy with a traumatic past. A bad boy with a broken heart that needs the tender care of a woman to put the pieces back together.

But let me back up a little bit and tell you why exactly you are going to fall for Ash Evans from the very start. He is a bass player with dark blonde hair and electric blue eyes that flash with white fire every single time when he is agitated. But that's not all. With a "bass guitar strapped around his big body, power in his stance and an arrogant smirk riding his too-attractive face" (let's not forget the dimples ;)) he can definitely melt your panties the moment you set eyes on him on stage. Ash might not be the front man but once he opens his mouth to sing to the one woman that can heal him, you will be definitely a goner. With that deep, rough and raw voice you simply won't have a chance. He is simply captivating, magnetic and maybe a little bit imposing :D

Ash is wild. Reckless. Broken... Through most of the book, you will see the aftermath of a tragedy that destroyed him. It simply splintered his heart into so many pieces that it left him empty and scared of love. He is happy for all his friends finding their HEAs but he believes he doesn't deserve it, that he is simply not capable of love. Or at least not capable of loving someone without hurting them. But once Willow enters his life, all bets are off. No matter how much he tries to resist her, she manages to piece his heart together, piece by piece. And at the same time he helps her gain her confidence, her belief that she is worth something and deserves to be loved for who she is.

And if you are still not convinced from all that. I still have one more ace up my sleeve :D Ash Evans is a master in bed. He can definitely make you burn with desire only using his dirty mouth -either talking dirty to you or using it for doing sinful things to your body that will leave you breathless. And once he is done with that, he will make you see stars again, and again, and again...

I am not going to bore you with more. You simply need to get introduced to Ash Evans. So pick up your copy now. But I will leave you with a quote from his letter to Willow. And if that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.

"You deserve everything.

If you’ll let me, I want to give you my world. Because you, Willow, you took over and became mine.

You…you could never be second place or be hidden in the shadows. You burn too bright. Your faith is too brilliant and your love is too vivid.

You are my sun. "

Release Blitz & Excerpt: Pieces of Heaven (Heaven & Hell #2) by Natasha Madison

Title: Pieces of Heaven 
Series: Heaven & Hell #2
Author: Natasha Madison 
Release Date: January 30th, 2017


I didn’t want this life.

But sometimes you’re forced to make the best of the crappy hand you’ve been dealt. I wanted to teach my daughter that. No matter what happens you face your problems head-on. 

Never cower. Never give up. 

Then someone took her and I had to put my faith in a system that had failed me, and my hope in a man I didn’t know. 

Serve. Honor. Protect, are the only things I’ve ever cared about until her case was dropped on my desk. As we searched for her missing daughter, the last woman I thought I’d fall in love with became my reason for living. 

Then the world came crashing down around us.

One secret would change everything, but I had one more hand to be dealt. And if I played my cards right, maybe, just maybe we’d get our piece of heaven.

Purchase Links:
Amazon Global | iBooks | B&N | Kobo

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Release Day Blitz: New York Nights by C.J. Duggan

Title: New York Nights
Series: Heart of the City #2
Author: C.J. Duggan
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Genre: New Adult
Release Date: January 29, 2017

New York Nights is the second standalone book in CJ Duggan's HEART OF THE CITY series - a very sassy, super sexy New Adult romance from the internationally bestselling author of the SUMMER and PARADISE series.

Sarah Williams is a spirited, independent Aussie who has always dreamed of living in New York City. So when a job opportunity arises to become an au pair for a successful businessman in the heart of Manhattan, Sarah jumps at the chance, ready to embrace the Big Apple in all its brilliant well-lit glory.

What she doesn’t bet on is Grace, the beautiful newborn she’ll be looking after, and Grace’s distant, abrasive father whose eyes hold a million anguished secrets. Determined to care for Grace and face the challenges of the impossible Ben Worthington, Sarah was always prepared to follow her heart; she just wasn't prepared to lose it to a complicated man like Ben.

Purchase Links

Also Available


Author Bio
CJ DUGGAN is the internationally bestselling author of over ten books. She lives with her husband in a rural border town of New South Wales. When she isn't writing books about swoony boys and 90s pop culture you will find her renovating her hundred-year-old Victorian homestead or annoying her local travel agent for a quote to escape the chaos.
Author Links

Release Blitz, Review & Giveaway: The Boss by J.L. Perry

Title: The Boss  
Author: J.L. Perry
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: January 29th, 2017


Hanna Scott … she’s been my obsession since I was seventeen.
She’s the object of every dirty thought I’ve ever had.
I’m consumed.
I lust over her … albeit from afar.
She has no idea how I feel.
And my secret can never come out,
because there’s one major hurdle standing in our way …
she’s my best friend’s little sister.
When she offers to stand in as my temporary secretary, I’m torn.
Will I be able to risk the temptation?
Or will I succumb and lose everything that I hold dear?

Purchase Links:

99c for a limited time only!!!

B&N | Kobo | iBooks



“Good morning, Mr Williams.”

Mr Williams? She’s never called me that before. It’s always been Harry or Giant. That’s her comeback for me calling her Shrimp. She’s four-foot-seven, so my six-foot-three frame, towers over hers.

Spinning around, I almost swallow my tongue when I find her standing in the doorway to my office. She’s wearing a high-waisted tight fitting skirt that stops just above her knees. It hugs her body perfectly. I can see a hint of white lace protruding from underneath her white silk blouse. She looks like an angel. A sinfully, hot as hell angel. The thin red belt around her tiny waist matches her sexy red heels. She’s sex on legs, a walking fucking wet dream.

I swear I’m holding my breath as my eyes drink her in. Her long blonde hair is pulled into a bun at the nape of her neck, and the red rimmed glasses she’s wearing not only frame her beautiful blue eyes perfectly, they turn me the hell on. She has this naughty librarian thing going on and it instantly has my mind going into overdrive. I picture her releasing her long blonde locks from where they’re being held captive, and imagine her shaking her head from side to side as her hair comes loose and cascades down her lean back. I shake my head and suppress a growl as I try to bring my mind out of the gutter and back into reality. What in the hell is wrong with me? Like always, she’s playing the starring role in one of my many fantasies. This shit has to stop.

When my eyes finally meet hers, I find her smiling. Did she just witness me checking her out? Thank fuck she can’t read minds. I’d be in deep shit if she could. Having her here is going to be harder than I thought.

Clearing my throat, I tug at the tie around my neck as I take a step closer. I’m suddenly feeling claustrophobic. “You don’t need to call me, Mr Williams, Han.”

“What did your other Secretaries call you?”

“Mr Williams,” I chuckle.

She looks up at me from beneath her glasses and I’m pretty sure my heart just skipped a beat. I could drown in those damn eyes of hers. “Well, Mr Williams it is then.”

“I’d feel stupid hearing you call me that.”

“Only in the office,” she replies with a smile. “Outside of here, you’ll still be Giant, my brother’s pesky friend, or just plain old Harry.”

“Your brother’s pesky friend, hey?” I say, pulling her into a headlock.

“Yes,” she laughs.

“Take that back, Shrimp.”

“Okay. Only mildly pesky … and only on occasions.”

We’re both laughing when I release her. She’s like no other woman I know. Things are so easy around her, just like breathing.

“So now we’ve got that established, where do you want me to start?” I smile when she eagerly rubs her hands together. I like her enthusiasm.

“Come, your desk is out here.” The thought of moving her desk into my office, flashes through my mind. That would be asking for trouble; trouble I don’t need.

Placing my hand on the small of her back, I lead her out to reception. Once she’s seated, I get her to log onto the computer. “I have a conference this afternoon, I’m going to need you to make sure all the files are in order. I’ll also need you to print out copies of my presentation, for them to follow.”

“That sounds like something I could do.”

“Click on the Jensen merger file,” I say, leaning forward and pointing to it on the screen. I inhale a large breath when her fruity, yet flowery, smell invades my senses.

“Did you just sniff me?”

“What? No.” Standing to full height, I clear my throat. “Why would I sniff you?” I deadpan. Jesus. I’m starting to look like some kind of sniffing freak. In my defence, she shouldn’t smell so good. I need to get my shit together if I’m going to come out the other end of this unscathed.

“Okay. No need to get so defensive. I thought I heard you sniff.”

“Nope. No sniffing. I definitely didn’t sniff you.” I’m such a damn liar. I so sniffed her.

“Okay. You didn’t sniff me,” she says, shrugging her shoulders. “Relax. Geez. It’s no big deal.”

“I’ll email you a list of jobs that need doing this morning. After lunch, you’ll need to set up the boardroom for my presentation.”

With that, I turn and head back into my office. I need distance.
It’s safer.

About the Author:


J L Perry is a mother and a wife. She was born in Sydney, Australia in 1972, and has lived there her whole life. Her love of reading, from a young age, gave her the passion to write. My Destiny was originally written for her sister, in 2013. It was never intended to be published. However, after finishing this book, she felt there was still a lot of Brooke and Logan's story left to tell. This inspired her to write My Forever. With the encouragement of her family and friends, she decided to follow her dream and become a published Author.

That dream was realised on the 6th of June, 2014.

My Destiny is her debut novel in the Destiny Series. My Forever is the conclusion to this book. Her third book Damaged - Jacinta's Story, was released October 15th, 2014. This is a standalone read, but is based on a character in My Forever. Her fourth book Against All Odds, is also a standalone read, and was released on May 27th, 2015. Bastard, her fifth book, was released on September 14th, 2015 and became a #1 Bestseller. In November 2015, J. L. signed a 5 book deal with publishing giant Hachette. Luckiest Bastard - The Novella was published through them on December 7th. Her #1 Bestseller Hooker was released on the 31st May, 2016. Jax was released on November, 27th, 2016, and also rocketed straight to #1 on the Bestsellers list. J. L.'s next release, The Boss, is coming January, 29th, 2017. She is currently writing her tenth book, Nineteen Letters, which will be releasing late 2017. 

J L's love of romance and happy endings makes a perfect combination when it comes to writing her beautiful love stories.

Her hobbies include reading, writing, drinking wine, shopping, listening to music, and anything artistic or creative. She loves spending time with her family, friends and her dog when she isn't writing. She also loves being outdoors and travelling and exploring the world.

Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram | Website

My Review:
J.L. Perry is a new author to me, so I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I can honestly say that it wasn't disappointing. Though, the topic is not exactly new, it still sounds fresh and interesting and I found myself completely engrossed in Hanna and Harrison's story. It is mostly lighthearted and fun, especially with the witty banter between the two main characters (that's something I immensely enjoyed) but it also has hints of great heartbreak which just makes it more intriguing.

I am not going to go into the details of the story but I am definitely saying something more about Harrison. You all know how I love my dominant alpha males with a heart of gold :) And Harrison is exactly the type. He changes women like his underwear (though, I am not exactly sure whether he wears one :D ) but there is one woman that can change everything for him. Hanna, his best friend's little sister. And she does exactly that. Those two are simply combustible together. I am not going to say that they burn the sheets, as quite often they don't even reach the bed :D But the one thing I really enjoyed is getting to see Harrison's vulnerable side, the one he shows only to Hanna. It is definitely something I don't get to see in a lot of alpha BBF out there :)

As a whole, this is quite a good read. Especially if you are looking for something mostly lighthearted with just a pinch of angst in it. It is a HEA story that I greatly enjoyed and I am definitely recommending :)


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