Monday, January 30, 2017

Bad Boys Monday: Ash Evans from Stay (Bleeding Stars #5) by A. L. Jackson

It looks like I haven't written a Bad Boy Monday post for ages and I am sorry about that. But somehow I just didn't have the inspiration. There was always something missing and none of the dominant alpha males inspired me to write about them. But that was until the moment I opened Stay by A.L. Jackson and was introduced to Ash Evans - the naughty rockstar with a heart of gold. He is exactly what you would expect from every bad boy rockstar - the drinking, the women, the not-a-care-in-the-world attitude. But he is also a bad boy with a traumatic past. A bad boy with a broken heart that needs the tender care of a woman to put the pieces back together.

But let me back up a little bit and tell you why exactly you are going to fall for Ash Evans from the very start. He is a bass player with dark blonde hair and electric blue eyes that flash with white fire every single time when he is agitated. But that's not all. With a "bass guitar strapped around his big body, power in his stance and an arrogant smirk riding his too-attractive face" (let's not forget the dimples ;)) he can definitely melt your panties the moment you set eyes on him on stage. Ash might not be the front man but once he opens his mouth to sing to the one woman that can heal him, you will be definitely a goner. With that deep, rough and raw voice you simply won't have a chance. He is simply captivating, magnetic and maybe a little bit imposing :D

Ash is wild. Reckless. Broken... Through most of the book, you will see the aftermath of a tragedy that destroyed him. It simply splintered his heart into so many pieces that it left him empty and scared of love. He is happy for all his friends finding their HEAs but he believes he doesn't deserve it, that he is simply not capable of love. Or at least not capable of loving someone without hurting them. But once Willow enters his life, all bets are off. No matter how much he tries to resist her, she manages to piece his heart together, piece by piece. And at the same time he helps her gain her confidence, her belief that she is worth something and deserves to be loved for who she is.

And if you are still not convinced from all that. I still have one more ace up my sleeve :D Ash Evans is a master in bed. He can definitely make you burn with desire only using his dirty mouth -either talking dirty to you or using it for doing sinful things to your body that will leave you breathless. And once he is done with that, he will make you see stars again, and again, and again...

I am not going to bore you with more. You simply need to get introduced to Ash Evans. So pick up your copy now. But I will leave you with a quote from his letter to Willow. And if that doesn't melt your heart, I don't know what will.

"You deserve everything.

If you’ll let me, I want to give you my world. Because you, Willow, you took over and became mine.

You…you could never be second place or be hidden in the shadows. You burn too bright. Your faith is too brilliant and your love is too vivid.

You are my sun. "

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