Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Top Ten Things on my Bookish Bucket List

-         -  Read and review at least one book of each author attending the Romance Authors & Readers Event signing in Edinburgh before July. When I started back in February it looked feasible but I´ve read 15 authors so far though I´m really behind regarding the reviews. They are pilling and pilling and there are 100 days left till the signing. Let´s hope for a miracle!

-        -  To have a nook and a library at home or at least have more and better shelves to keep my books. Nowadays the majority of them are stocked under my bed, which is a pity.

-        - To get the whole collection of books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R.Ward.

-        - Achieve my year reading challenge, so far I´ve read 81/200. I´m on track!

-        - To review all the books I´ve read in a year, which is practically impossible because I read too fast and reviewing takes a lot of time. So nowadays I´m just reviewing books that I think my readers would like.

-        - To own the all the Earth´s Children books by Jean M. Auel.

-      -   I would like to have a bookish tattoo in the next years, though I still have to decide what I want.

-       -  To have the books of my favorite authors signed and meet them, like Jen Wylie, Charlotte McGonaghy, Nora Roberts, Kirsty Moseley and Jay Crownover among other.

-        - To read the whole set of books of Game of Thrones by because I knew that I´ll them so much that I wouldn´t be able to stop reading and I don´t have time.

-        - To own a book shop with an annexed café in my retirement years. So I really need to win the lottery.

   What´s on your bookish bucket list?

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