Monday, March 24, 2014

Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch)

       Hi, everyone! I’m soo excited about today’s BBM because we have one of my latest obsessions… the protagonist of the TV show Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes (duh), played by Benedict Cumberbatch.

       I had heard so many good things about this show and I have always loved Sherlock Holmes novels so the thought of watching it had been in my mind pretty much since it was released. But because I’ve been watching so many other shows and it is not a long show (only 3 episodes each season) I have postponed it until now. And man, I regret it.
It has been a while since I liked a TV show so much. For everyone out there who is a fan of Conan Doyle’s stories, please go and watch this extraordinary adaptation. I have even studied this in one of my lectures, on how the show has been able to adapt the XIX century detective into such a modern show.

       Now, to the bad boy. Ok, for those of you who have watched it, I know Sherlock is not ‘bad’; we actually have a really ‘bad boy’ in the show: Sherlock’s nemesis, Moriarty (Andrew Scott), on which I will probably do another BBM :P. But let’s face it, Sherlock is not a typical goody-two-shoes hero. He is a cold, calculating, extremely cunning detective, with a remarkable mind, a photographic memory and poor social skills. And I guess that is what makes him (at least for me)so irresistible: he is as clever as it gets but not interested in women whatsoever .

       So… yes, I declare myself completely in love with the character (it gets worse every episode xD) and I think Benedict Cumberbatch does an amazing job playing the part. Plus he has what has to be the sexiest voice on the planet!

“I’m not a psychopath, Anderson. I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research."


  1. Benedict is definitely a GREAT actor, and he also did a great job with Khan's character in Star Trek: Into Darkness. I just love Sherlock too!

  2. Benedicto es sin duda un gran actor, y él también hizo un gran trabajo con el personaje de Khan en Star Trek: en la oscuridad. Me encanta Sherlock también!

  3. I know! I have just discovered him and will definitely watch more of his movies; he also put the voice to the dragon Smaug in the last The Hobbit movie, SO AMAZING :D

  4. Your description of discovering BC/Sherlock is such a mirror of my own I actually scrolled back to the top to double check if I had stumbled into an alternate reality post of my own ;-)
    To be fair I actually was very reluctant to watch Sherlock at first, as I was a huge fan to the Jeremy Brett series, and always regretted that they veered into modern stories rather than allowing him to complete the canon of original tales. That plus I was worried about such a young actor playing it in the modern age. Well, inside of the first 5 minutes, I confess I was hooked!
    The show is a masterpiece of ensemble acting, the entire cast is amazing, and Benedict himself was/is an ongoing revelation of an actor. Since that incredible introduction I have been tracking down as much of his work as I can find, and he never fails to deliver a finely nuanced and masterful performance. Oh, and did I forget to mention hot? ;-)


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