Monday, March 31, 2014

The Winter Soldier

After seeing this weekend the new Captain America film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier I knew I had to dedicate a BBM to The Winter Soldier. He is the villain in the film and his identity remains unknown almost till the end. And it was a shock, at least for me because I haven´t read the comics or seeing other films. So I am going to explain the character as I saw it in the film.

James Buchanan Barnes "Bucky" is the Winter Soldier, which I thought was impossible since he supposedly dead in the 1st Captain America film. But it seems that the Soviets found him in the ice with an arm missing, and  in that time looks like  it was a trend to kept valuable soldiers in cryogenic tanks. 

They transformed Bucky in a killer machine with a bionic arm, hard training and having the advantage that he had amnesia and he doesn´t know who he really is. He became a dangerous assassin and fought against his old time friend Steve Rogers aka, Captain America.

In the end The Winter Soldier seems to remember some traces of his old identity and saves Captain America though he disappears. I hope we will see more of this character in the next films since he is really sexy ;)

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