Monday, March 17, 2014

Jared Trent

Jared Trent is the main character of Bully and Until You by Penelope Douglas. Jared is the sexy bad boy every girl dreams of and every mothers nightmare. He is 18, has dark hair and brown eyes and he is wickedly sexy.He is a badass, a prick, kind of womanizer, drives a mustang and he is utterly in love with Tate.

He is a really complicated character. 
I had a hate/love reaction through the whole story. He is a dick in the first half of the book, he is a bully and that was my main issue for not liking him. Though in the end he redeems himself I didn´t buy the reasons why he treated Tate so badly.He fits perfectly in our Bad Boy section.
If you haven´t read Bully yet, go and grab your copy because it will be a read you won´t forget.
And if you want to get inside Jared´s head go and buy as well Until You which is the story of Jared and Tate from Jared´s point of view, and that is a pretty intense relationship.

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