Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Our First American Signing: Love ' N ' Vegas and a BIG Giveaway :D

Hey Everyone,

If you follow the blog, you know that together with my co-blogger Azahara, we came back for our first American signing just under a month ago. The one and only Love ' N ' Vegas 2017. As you can imagine, we were super excited. For one, we were meeting some of our favorite authors for the very first time. And come on, people. It's VEGAS!!! Of course, the whole trip was a huge adventure. We were in Las Vegas for 10 days and we did so many things that I am struggling to remember all the crazy things we did. I am hoping you would want to hear all about it, because you won't be able to escape :D

I have to say, the craziest thing we did was to go on the Voodoo Zip Line at the Rio Hotel. I don't think I will ever repeat it, but it was definitely an experience :D I mean zip lining from the 51st floor towards the next building and back in a seat without handles and only with a belt around your middle is not exactly my idea of fun but now I can tick it off on my bucket list :D And the view from up there was simply spectacular.

I can honestly say that Las Vegas is definitely a place everyone should visit at least ones. From the incredible hotels, to the number of shows and possibilities for all kinds of fun, it is a destination worth putting on your bucket list. Think about it. You can be in Paris, Rome, New York, Venice or even ancient Egypt all at the same time. You just have to visit the different hotels to experience the beauty of the different corners of the world. And the fun doesn't stop there ;)

The Madame Tussaud's museum was definitely fun even if it was somewhat small. But where else can I take a picture with Brad or Channing :D But for me, the most intriguing part of Las Vegas weren't the hotels or museums (even though they are magnificent and the historical facts you can learn are definitely intriguing). For me, the biggest treasure of Las Vegas are actually the shows. There is something for every taste.

You can go to a concert and watch live some of your favorite singers, you can go to a comedy show and laugh until there are tears in your eyes. Of course if you are in the mood for something more Vegas like, there are multiple variate and burlesque shows to choose from. And if you are not in the mood for any of those, you can definitely enjoy a Cirque Du Solei program that will leave you breathless with the beauty it presents. And if by any chance (OK, let's not kid ourselves, this is a must), you are in the mood for some fun with your girlfriends, be sure to check Magic Mike LIVE. I can guarantee you won't regret that. It will be everything you expect it to be and so much more. I haven't had that much fun in a really long time. And it doesn't hurt that those guys are gorgeous and definitely know how to more ;)

Apart from all the fun I had, Azahara and I also made some new friends. Marie-Josee, Rebecca and Christine are three amazing ladies that I hope I will see again soon. We had so much fun with them, discussing books, sharing stories and sight seeing that I will do my best to keep in touch with them. And hopefully, see them at a signing next year or something of the sort ;) I know I am seeing Marie-Josee for sure at #RARE London 2019 which is definitely going to be fun. And now if I can manage to convince Rebecca and Christine to come to Rome, it will be great :D

But I think I am seriously veering off topic :D I am supposed to talk about Love ' N ' Vegas :D And I have to say, I definitely enjoyed myself. It was different from the signings I've been before, but that doesn't mean that it was less fun :) But it was definitely crazy :D I don't think I've ever run that much at a signing ;) But I did manage to meet everyone on my must see list, which is always great :D

My first stop, was the lovely Freya Barker. If you haven't read her books, they are simply a must. She is incredible in writing heartfelt romances that can tear your heart to pieces and after that little by little, put it back together. I remember when I first met her two years ago. It was at another signing and I reviewed one of her books for the blog. I was devoted fan after that book. It was just impossible not to fall in love with the characters and Freya's writing style. since then I've read pretty much everything she's published and I got my hands on few signed books to add to my collection. I still have couple of more to to add so I have each and every one but I will wait for that until next year when she visits UK (because transporting a huge amount of books over the Atlantic is definitely a pain :D)

I also had the chance to meet the amazing Melanie Harlow. She's been one of my favorite authors for years and it was like a dream come true to finally meet her in person. Of course that meant buying every book she's ever published (on that note, she might hate me after having to sign 10-11 books for me :D ). But considering it is nearly impossible to see her in Europe, I didn't have any other choice. I do hope she visits soon though. I would love the chance to meet her again. And if she can bring Dima with her, even better. I had a blast talking with both of them while Melanie was signing all my books. As you can imagine, it took awhile :D

Of course I couldn't miss the opportunity to pass by and say hi to Aurora Rose Reynolds. I love her books and even though I am going to see in London in just a few months, there was no way I was missing taking a picture with her :) (and buying some books :D). She was also one of our Book Oscar winners for last year, so I was planning to give her her Oscar ornament but me being me, I misplaced it somewhere. Hopefully, I will find it before London ;) And who knows, she might have to receive another one by then :D

But I must say, I think I was most excited to meet Jasinda and Jack Wilder. Those two are just amazing. So nice and down to earth. I remember when I first read Falling Into You. It shredded me to pieces. And I think that might have been the first book that made me ugly cry. But it was so worth it. and it is still one of my favorite books. So, of course, I couldn't miss the opportunity to get myself a signed copy of it. I mean, I am a bookworm with the chance to get a signed copy of one of her favorite books. No way missing that :D

Of course there were many more authors that I loved meeting. some of them new faces, some of them I've met before. But I highlight for me was meeting the amazing Corinne Michaels. I couldn't of course get all the books I wanted signed by her but thankfully, she is coming to Rome so I am safe :D I had the chance to spent couple of minutes talking with her about books, the blog and many more things and I can honestly say that she is incredible. I can't wait to see her again next summer <3

Here are some more pictures from the signing with Cambria Hebert, Adriana Locke, Brooke Blaine and of course Rachel Van Dyken :) Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get many more pictures. But I did manage to talk a little bit with Meghan March and tell her that the Mount Trilogy is an incredible series and one of my favorite reads in a really long time <3

Of course, I've met many more amazing authors during the signing but unfortunately, I can't post about all of them on this post. So to everyone who is not on this post, I would like to say that you all have a special place in my heart and the memories will stay with me forever :) Hope to see you soon again.

Now it is finally time for our Love ' N ' Vegas giveaway :)

For your chance to win signed books, signed postcards, SWAG packs, or one of our signed posters, just enter the Raffle below ;)


  1. Sadly I never been in Las Vegas, but maybe someday. :) Great post! I wish I was there. :)

  2. I have never been in Vegas (even USA) but this is my big dream. But I am coming to RARE London and I am super excited! I love you post (especially Magic Mike) and photos <3

  3. I've never been to Vegas, however this event looked like fun!

  4. This must have been fantastic experience. :) And thanks for the giveaway.


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