Sunday, November 26, 2017

Constant by Rachel Higginson: Review

CONSTANT by Rachel Higginson IS LIVE!

Fifteen years ago I met Sayer Wesley. I fell in love with him. I promised I would never leave him. I swore nothing could break us apart. 

Five years ago I broke my promise. I ran away. I took the one secret that could destroy us both and disappeared. 

Five days ago I thought I saw him. 

I knew it was impossible. Sayer was locked away, serving a deserved sentence in federal prison. He couldn’t find me. 
He wouldn’t find me. I was too good at hiding. Too good at surviving. 
Because if Sayer ever found me, there would be hell to pay for a plethora of sins. The worst of which, he didn’t even know about. 

Five hours ago, I told myself I was crazy. 

Five minutes ago, I saw him again. 

Five seconds ago, I was too late. 


Wow! This was such a rollercoaster story!
At the beginning I struggled a little bit to fully immerse myself in the story, but after a few chapters, I couldn’t stop reading it!

Constant is the love story between Caroline and Sayer. They both belong to the Russian Mafia, if we  can call it so, they are outlaws, and it was such an adrenalin to read about their lives, both past and present ones.
One thing that was conveyed perfectly in the story was the feeling of uncertainty linked to their criminal lives, not being able to trust many people, always having to look at their backs, always being scared of their past catching up with them.

The book was told only from the point of view of Caroline, so we actually follow her life from her childhood, thanks to flashbacks, to her adulthood. I felt like I got to know her really well in the span of the book, but I hope there will be some chapters written from Sayer’s point of view in the second book, to give a wider insight of the story.
Caroline was for sure the main focus of the first book, so sometimes the love story ended up in the background, but I didn't feel like something was amiss, thanks to the fact that there will be a second book about the same couple.

I loved the relationship between Caroline and Sayer in the present, so much questions and so little answers (yeah, I might be a masochist :P). This feeling of uncertainty and mystery was so captivating, it made me turn every page with my breath caught in my throat, not knowing what was going to happen.

For sure the ending made me want to message Rachel Higginson and ask her to send me "Consequence" stat. I mean, come on, that cliffhanger! I can't wait for February 27, 2018 when it will be released!

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