Monday, April 6, 2015

Review: The Fine Art of Deception

Title: The Fine Art of Deception: Undoing Time 
Author: Alyssa Richards 
Synopsis:Art appraiser Addison Montgomery just wants a normal life. One where she can ignore the vicious ghosts who follow her. One where she’s free from her “gift” of touching an object and seeing the owner’s deepest secrets. And one where she can fall in love without having all of the above get in the way. But when tall, dark, and dangerous gallery owner Blake Greenwood enters her life, normal is the last thing she’s feeling. The man has more secrets than the priceless art he sells, giving Addison’s quest for normal no chance. That, and he may just hold the key to uncovering the truth behind her father’s unexplained disappearance. Despite her paranormal gifts warning her to stay away, she feels an inexplicable, captivating fascination for him, something that goes deeper than attraction. There’s something between them that’s older than time, and if she can learn to give him her trust, it may just save her life.

My review:
While I am writing this review I am listening to the playlist that Alyssa has created for the book and there are some songs that certainly remind me of both Addie and Blake. I love You Found Me from The Fray,it is so perfect for this couple!
This book kept my undivided attention for the whole 2 days it took me to read it. I enjoyed every minute of it and I am so happy that I accepted the request to review this book because undoubtedly Alyssa Richards has just become one of my new favourite authors for this year.

It has been a really long time since I read a really good paranormal book. I was tired of reading the same clichéd stories so it was a breath of fresh air to read The Fine Art of Deception. I am a sucker for great mysteries and trying to solve them and this book gave me just the chance to do that. I have to say that there were things I caught at first sight but there were others that were so well hidden that it was impossible to unravel them till the end.

I loved all the concept of predestination, reincarnation and soul mates. I have previously read about this kind of topic in other books and really liked it. But Alyssa brings a new kind of passion into the paranormal genre, she brings adventure, mystery, desire and love while bending the limits of the paranormal world with romance to create an unforgettable story.

Both main characters are strong-willed and passionate about what they love. The whole story is narrated from Addie´s point of view which gave me an insight on how hard her power makes her life. I really liked her as main character but I loved Blake. He is powerful in a kind of alpha male way that you cannot do nothing but fall under his sexy spell. I mean, just his name is sexy ;)

I really loved this story and cannot wait to read its sequel. If you are a fan of paranormal romance or just romance with a new twist you should definitely check out The Fine Art of Deception and keep Alyssa Richards in your top author´s list!

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