Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Review: The Vigilante's Lover, Vol 3 by Annie Winters & Tony West

Title: The Vigilante's Lover Vol 3
Author: Annie Winters & Tony West
Release Date: February 20th, 2015

The Vigilantes have obliterated Mia's past, but Jax is her future

The third volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight

After the Vigilantes blow up Mia's house, Jax knows he has to let her stay with him. It's the only way to protect her.

If he can keep her safe at all.

Mia knows her future belongs to Jax. She has no family, no home, and nothing to return to. If they don't survive the next few days, she'll still have tasted a life she never thought possible.

With a kill order hanging over Jax, he and Mia have to stay one step ahead of the most powerful organization in the world. And they're on their own. Even their trusted friends are off limits to avoid putting anyone else in danger.

Jax has one shot at getting to the bottom of his ex-lover's treachery - attending an MMA fight in Nashville where he will stage a Vigilante showdown.
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Annie Winters is the new romantic suspense pen name for Deanna Roy/JJ Knight, the USA Today bestselling author of romances and serials. She teamed up with thriller writer Tony West for a new series that combines the best of romance and a heart-stopping action.  


I know I probably started my review of the second part in a similar fashion but there is just nothing else to say. This part is even better than the second one. The suspense is intriguing and the action is on high speed. Mixed with all that are the tender, romantic and most of the time pantie melting hot moments between Jax and Mia. There are a few quite unexpected twists and turns in the plot that will leave your head spinning :)

Jax continues to be his perfect man-candy self with his air of danger, dominance and sex appeal :) Mix with that the tender and romantic side of him which he shows to Mia with his rare gestures of affection and he is just the perfect man to fantasize every night. I loved getting to know him better in this third part of the series. He definitely grows as a character together with the growing relationship between him and Mia.

Mia also grows through this third part. She becomes stronger and more fearless. Her adventures with Jax show her a life she never knew but she was always meant for. In addition to that, the exploration of her sex kitten self is just so hot. Every time her and Jax come together, they simply burn off the sheets. There chemistry is simply off the charts. There were few scenes that definitely left me panting but one specific scene (which is probably a topic of quite diverse opinions) simply left me breathless. I don't want to spoil it for you so I am not going to tell what is the scene about, but I have to tell you that for me, that was one of the hottest scenes I've ever read. 

I have to say that I loved this third part and I think it is my favorite so far. I just loved reading how Jax and Mia grow as a couple and how each one of them grows as a character on their own. The story in itself is captivating and fascinating. It kept me on my toes with every single word. And when I wasn't on my toes because of the danger and suspense, my toes were simply curling because of the off the chart chemistry between Jax and Mia. I have to say that I definitely recommend this series, and if you haven't started reading it yet, then just don't waste another second. It is definitely a must read. Just be warned. Every part ends with a huge cliffhanger, so if you are not a fan of them, simply wait until the last part comes out. In my case I am dying to read it :)

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