Sunday, February 15, 2015

REVIEW: The Last Changeling by Chelsea Pitcher

Title: The Last Changeling (Faerie Revolutions #1) 
Author: Chelsea Pitcher 
Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old Taylor’s given up on happiness. He’s just trying to survive. Haunted by his brother’s death and pushed around at school, he spends his days searching for a quiet moment of peace, until he meets Elora. The enigmatic runaway gives him a hope he’s never had—the hope of truly connecting with another human being. But the daughter of the Unseelie Queen has different plans for Taylor. Born into a world of corruption and war, Elora is determined to free her people from her mother’s tyranny. If she can gain the allegiance of the Seelie Queen, her mother’s loathed enemy, she and her rebels can crush the Dark Court and bring equality to Faerie. But to do that, she’ll need a proper offering . . . A human. To steal a mortal, Elora must become a mortal—at least, by all appearances. And infiltrating Taylor’s high school is surprisingly easy. But as she becomes entangled in his world, Elora realizes something startling: inequality in the human world isn’t so different from inequality in Faerie. Students are bullied, ostracized and attacked for being different. And just like she did in Faerie, she begins gathering up the outcasts, encouraging them to take back the school. Now Elora has two rebellions on her hands: a quickly mounting mutiny in Faerie, and a mortal uprising inspired by the boy she’s destined to betray.

My Review:

I was instantly drawn to the book by the cover and the plot, I was expecting an epic adventure between humans and faeries but instead I had a mini adventure with romance between teenagers. I have to say I had higher expectation regarding this book but all in all I enoyed it.

The book started pretty good with mysteries and fantasy mixing the human and the faerie world. The book was full of secrets, specially around the two main characters. Taylor was mysterious and really sweet, he wanted to hep Elora above all.  I really liked the slow burnt of the story and the writing was amazing with a really great pace but I couldn´t really get into the story because it wasn´t what I was expecting. 

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