Monday, February 16, 2015

Bad Boys Monday: Robert Stone

So as it is well known by all of you, I am a complete sucker for a bad boy. And if he is a dominant alpha male with scarred past and a protective and tender streak, then I am a complete goner :D So of course it shouldn't be a surprise to any of you that today I am going to introduce you to the ultimate TALL, DARK and DANGEROUS hottie :D If you haven't figure it out by now, I am talking about Robert Stone, the main character in the Fallen Angel Series by Tracie Podger.

If you haven't met him yet, let me introduce you to this gorgeous specimen of the male variety :D He is quite tall, over six feet, has a powerful built and well defined shoulders that will quite possibly melt your panties and present you with a new character starring in the main role of your wet dreams :D Robert has "black hair cropped short at the sides and spiked on top". His nose is slightly crooked and he has a strong jaw slightly peppered with stubble. But Robert's most prominent feature are his eyes. They have the darkest color you've ever seen and their blackness can simply take your breath away. Or said shortly in the words of Brooke (Robert's wife), "If anyone could be described as perfect, it was this man."

Robert is intense and dominant and quite often very dangerous. His soul is scarred and he is haunted by the demons left from his childhood. Orphaned at a young age, Robert is mentally and physically abused by those he is supposed to depend on the most. He finds love and understanding in his only friend until she is violently taken away from his life. He experiences grief, loss and love but he also learns that he has to fight for everything he wants in life and to protect those dear to him. After everything he goes through, it is difficult for him to trust but once you gain his trust, you stay there forever. And he will do whatever it takes to protect you. The combination of his amazingly good looks and the demons he carries around, makes him just irresistible. Especially to a sucker for bad boys like me :D

Apart from the tall, dark and dangerous side of Robert, there is also his tender and romantic side. It is something that shows for the first time when he meets Brooke. Before Brooke, Robert used women only for physical release. He didn't want intimacy or love. She is the one person who helps him love again and heals the wounds left from his dark past. she helps him believe in HEA. With Brooke, Robert is the ultimate dominant and protective alpha male with a heart of gold.

So let's sum all we have up till now. A walking wet dream... check! A strong and dominant alpha male with scarred soul and demons from his past... check! A playboy who changes his ways once he meets the love of his life (even when he didin't even believe in love at the time)... check! A man who is extremely protective of the woman he loves and is ready to do everything for her... check! A bad boy with a tender, playful and romantic side he shows only to his other half... check! So, as a result we have a delicious bad boy that will melt your panties and at the same time make your heart flutter while you are reading his amazing story :) And just to give you a taste of how swoon worthy Robert actually is, tell me, who wouldn't want a man by their side that loves them that much :)

"And you are my wife, my fucking reason for breathing, Brooke. You are more important to me than anyone. I can live without Travis, I can't exist without you."

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