Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Top Ten Authors I've Only Read One Book From But NEED to Read More

- Lesley Young: Sky´s End (Cassiel Winters #1) is the only book I´ve read from this author but just because is the only one she has published yet! As soon as she releases a new one, I´ll be reading it!

- Frankie Rose: I discovered her books Halo through Netgalley and loved every minute of it. Soon I´ll be reading its sequel Radicals.

-Colleen Hoover: Ugly Love was my first breathtaking experience in Hoover´s literary world, and I became a fan from the very first chapter. I want to read all her books as soon as I have the time.

-Elisa Freilich: Silent Echo is her first debut novel, an epic romance that will leave you needing more! Can´t wait for the sequel!!

- R.K.Lilley: I met her at the RARE signing in Edinburgh where she gave me a signed book of Bad Things ( Danika & Tristan #1) and I devoured the book in just 2 days. Definitely have to check the rest of her books.

-Rosamund Hodge: Her debut novel Cruel Beauty is so good that I have to read more about this author. So many books, so little time!

-Nicholas Sparks: I read The Last Song but I´m kind of afraid to read another book from him because the films are so sad that I don´t know if I wanna suffer again!

This one was really difficult! I could just think of 7 because usually when I like an author I become obsessed with her/ him that I have to read all the books available!!
Do you have the same problem? Tell me your authors so I can check them out ;)

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