Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review: Truth or Dare

Title: Truth or Dare 
Author: Adriana Hunter 
Synopsis:When Wendy Jackson lands a job at the local station, she is excited about her future as a disc jockey. Behind the microphone she can be anything that she wants to be, and her plus size frame simply doesn't matter. That is until the day when the station requires that she host a bachelor auction only to discover that one of the available men is the one she always wanted. Michael Carter, the man of her dreams, burned her once before, overlooking her as just another face in the crowd. Should she dare to believe that he's no longer the superficial guy from college and that he just might be her perfect match? In a face to face meeting where hearts are on the line and emotions run high, this is one high stakes game of Truth or Dare that she will never forget!

My Review:
Truth or Dare is the first book I´ve ever read from Adriana Hunter and I have to say that I really liked it! Wendy and Michael share a common story together which made the book interesting and full of mystery. 

It is a short story that will keep you enterntained while at the same time you will want to read more about this steamy couple. The fact that the heroine is not the average hot and skinny woman made the book way more realistic since beauty and attraction are not always focused on the body image. I loved what the author did with the voice and expectations of the characters, it gave realism and originality to the story at the same time.

Truth or Dare is the perfect short story to keep you enterntained at night when you want to read something romantic and different from cliché at the same time.

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