Monday, September 22, 2014

Bad Boys Monday: Brody Markham

Brody Markham is the main character of Sawyer Bennett´s book Make it a Double (Last Call #2). 

He is an ex-convict who is trying to make a life after the last five years he spent in prison. He is a broken man, his stay in prison has marked him, he is not the same man he was and that is making things even more difficult with his family and friends. He has become a jaded and angry man though with the help of Alyssa he may find a way to leave the past behind.

Brody seems like the ultimate bad boy but not everything is it seems, you will have to read this wonderful series to discover the truth behind the irresistible Brody Markham. And you can have 2x1 since he has a twin, Hunter Markham! Two physically identical sexy men in a series that will make you swoon over and over again!

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