Monday, September 15, 2014

Bad Boys Monday: Jack Lair

We start a new week and you all know what that means :) BAD BOYS MONDAY. So we get to fangirl on hot bad boys that can make us salivate only by looking at them.

So, this week I am giving to you Jack Lair, lead singer and ultimate rock god from one of the most well known bands in our book world -Devil's Lair. Have you met him already? If not you have to check him out in The Back-up series by A.M. Madden.

Jack Lair is the quintessential rock star... gorgeous... sexy... a walking orgasm. Yes, he is not the good boy from next door, but he looks edible and his voice will make you swoon. Jack has dark brown hair that is shorter on the sides and floppy and sexy on the top, completely mesmerizing smokey grey eyes and light stubble on his square chin. In other words he is gorgeous.

In addition to that handsome face, he has a body to make you melt. Long and muscular with bulging biceps and spectacular upper torso. And the cherry on, his CCDS smile (Crotch Clench, Dimple Showing smile). So, of course women fall in his feet and he can have a new one every single night. He loves partying and doesn't think twice about his whoring ways. But that all changes when he meets the new back-up singer of his band and she becomes his leading lady.

So tell me. How is it possible not to love that bad boy who changes his ways and becomes the ultimate loving and romantic boyfriend when he meets the right girl. I think we all dream of a guy like that.

I recommend to all those of you who still don't know Jack to go and check out this bestselling series. You won't regret it :)

I will be posting a review of the series sometime soon and expect to be introduced to another bad boy from this series, Trey Tylor, in the near future. For now, I am leaving you with a quote by Jack Lair himself ;)

"The revelation that I- Jack Lair, could possibly be in love, f*cking consumed me. "

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