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Lessons Learned Book Blitz

Synopsis: One, breathtakingly hot, passion-filled, night ignites a fire in his soul. Everything in his world should be nothing short of perfection%E2%80%A6but he is Rainer Lawson.His wild evening with Emily is the Realm%E2%80%99s front-page story. Could he have lost the respect of the man that has been like a father to him? Could his family hard-earned fortune really dissolve before his very eyes?Evil rapidly cinches its chokehold, and everything his father fought and died for threatens to implode. Rainer attempts to protect those that he loves and satisfy the fiery passions between he and Emily, but everything in his world is spinning wildly out of control. His desire to prove himself could very well be his undoing.Sometimes the best of intentions are not enough, but perhaps it is the trials by fire that make the man. Steel sharpens steel, and the passions burn white hot in Lessons Learned.
Jillian Neal is a New Adult author with a passion for passion. She tells strong character driven novels told from the male perspective. Her guys aren’t afraid to let us inside their minds or inside their bedrooms. Young love comes to life inside the author’s Realm along with sinister crime fighting, mixed in with a hearty dose of family. The engaging adventures will stretch your mind and keep you coming back for more. Jillian lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, and children.

Can you tell us a little bit about your series and what inspired it?
“The Gifted Realm” is based around the concept that there are people living among us that can draw on and use the energies of the earth and of their own bodies. I love the concept that these people are hidden among us, seen but unseen. I have no idea what inspired it, honestly. I woke up one day with Rainer in my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about him. This guy that had a really rough life and how he would cope with all that had happened to him and around him. My books are also a take on what happens after a revolution. What happens to the people left behind when their loved ones give their lives for a cause? What would drive them? What would they do to make certain that no one’s life had been given in vain? Every part of their lives deeply intrigues me, and I wanted to show all of that in my story. I honestly feel like these fantastic beings walked into my living room, sat down on my couch, and told me every detail of their story. What would Rainer and Emily’s first time have been like? I wanted to capture those moments in “Within the Realm.” In “Lessons Learned,” we amp it up a little, ok maybe more than a little. I also wanted to know how different couples do things differently. Guys make love, fight criminals, and do everyday things differently. I try to let their personalities show through in every scene. That’s why I enjoy writing from different perspectives. I like showing what’s going on in all of their minds.

You write from the male perspective. Do you find this hard to do, and how do you make sure it sounds authentic and believable?
Well, I am completely surrounded by men in my life J I’m obviously married, I have two boys of my own, I grew up with a little brother and all of his friends hanging around constantly. I have a dad and a step-dad. So, I kind of think that I “get” guys as much as any girl can “get” guys. They are people after all even if what they say occasionally sounds alien. I always read what I’ve written that day to DH, and more than once he’ll stop me and say either “wow how did you know we talk like that or think like that?” He also occasionally says, “ok no guy would say or do this…” So, he’s my go to source for all things “male.” I also peruse quite a few websites and Men’s Health and other men’s magazines (no not porn) to get a few ideas here and there.

A number of characters in your books have tattoos. Do you have any, and if so what/where? If not, would you ever consider getting one?
I do not currently have any tattoos. I would love to get one (or more) but honestly I’m scared of the pain. I’m a wimp. I know. I have said that maybe, possibly if I sell ten thousand books that I would get a “Alis volat propriis” tattoo done with either a dove or a butterfly. It means “she flies with wings all her own.” I love that! I would also like DH’s initials done somewhere, not sure where. Have to think about that.

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