Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jill Shultz

Jill Shultz earned her B.S. in Biology from Cornell University and M.S.T. in Environmental Sciences from Antioch University. For most of her career, she zigzagged between environmental and arts organizations. It seemed she’d bag every independent Audubon Society in New England, but missed by half. She’s been a land steward, zookeeper, lab assistant, naturalist-teacher, science writer, and the program director of Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, her second-favorite job (#1 is being a novelist). Born in Brooklyn before it was cool, Shultz now lives in upstate New York with her love, Bill Altman, where she dreams of a well-kept garden and enjoys slurping books, visiting museums, hanging out with friends, and watching wildlife.(From the author page)

Amandine Sand walks a high wire between two lives—hobbled by a life-threatening secret. She’s a leopard, one of the spotted humans wrongly accused of being a plague carrier. Leopards like her are hunted by zealots to protect their offworld colony from the scourge. Despite this threat, Amandine spends her days guiding other leopards to an underground shelter run by the pacifist Seekers. At night, with her own spots hidden, she takes to the air, the one place this extraordinary artist feels free and gloriously alive. When the persecution of leopards explodes into widespread violence, the Seekers demand more of her time. But her circus is teetering toward bankruptcy and desperately needs her, too. She has no time to breathe…and then she meets a stranger who leaves her breathless. And might just be the biggest risk of all. If her trust is misplaced and she’s unmasked, everyone she loves—and everything she’s fought for—could crash. In her darkest hour, Amandine must draw upon everything she’s learned from the circus and Seekers to bring peace to her fractured society. Can a reluctant angel fly beyond her limits to save her life, her love, and her world?

Angel on the Ropes occupies a special place in my "life" as a reader. It has my 1st Sci- fi book and was the reason why now I am so into this genre. Jill is also important to me because she was the 1st author that talked to me and was one of the resons why I kept blogging when just a few people was reading the blog.
Angel on the Ropes is a marvelous and addictive read that will transport the readers to new worlds, full of unexpected events and enjoyable characters. This book has a more oriented New Adult vibe and it would be a perfect read for the Cirque du Soleil lovers.

Here´s a song that reminds me of Angel of the Ropes, but mainly about Nikos. What do you think?


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