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Blog Tour, Review & 2 Giveaways: From Dust by Freya Barker

Title: From Dust 
Author: Freya Barker
Genre: Dark / Suspense Romance
Cover Design: RE&D, Margreet Asselbergs
Release Date: August 6th, 2015
Hosted By: Francessca's Romance Reviews


Pain punished her.

The bottle numbed her.

Guilt kept her trapped.

In the dark alley of a pub, the words “Please don’t” take hold of her heart and break the silence she seeks. Thinking herself beyond redemption, she tentatively grabs on to the slim thread of hope that unfolds inside of her. 

Holding her secrets close, she can’t resist the comforting draw coming from The Skipper. The unconditional friendships it offers, the protective roof it provides, and the spark that its owner ignites in her—melting the frost off her heart, and slowly stripping away her resistance.

His life flows from one crisis to the next. Under the pressure of competition crowding him out of his family’s pub and the need to protect his children from the ruins of a bad marriage, he barely breathes. That is until a mane of strawberry-blonde hair and a set of big, pale blue eyes, shake him up.

He never expected the shadow of a woman he finds on the floor of his washroom to bring him the air―the balance and the light he’s been missing.

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“Fucking took ten years off my life, Syd,” he growls, sounding out of breath. “Don’t ever do that shit again.” With a swift yank on my arms, I find myself enveloped, my face against his chest and his arms wrapped around me tightly. His face is pressing in my hair and I swear he is inhaling my scent. “Can’t figure how you’d believe I’d think you responsible for something like that. Jesus,” he mumbles in my hair. I suspect more to himself than it was intended for me, nevertheless, I slip my arms around his waist and give him a squeeze.

“I’m an alc—“ I don’t get a chance to finish before he lifts me up off the floor sits me on the counter and grabs my face in his hands. The green of his eyes is so dark, I can barely see where the pupil ends. For a minute he just stares at me, before his eyes slide down to my mouth. I know what’s coming and even though I don’t deserve it, I can’t help but lean in, craving the moment his mouth takes mine. He stops just before our lips meet.

“Fuck it.” Is what I hear before I become deaf to everything but the blood rushing in my veins as his lips slide over mine, his slick tongue demanding entry. O God. The sensation... My mouth opens on a groan and his tongue boldly claims the space, stroking my far more hesitant one with alternating strong strokes and teasing licks. With his mouth plastered to mine, he pulls me to the edge of the counter. Wedging himself between my legs, I instinctively wrap them around the backs of his thighs. Restless hands roam over his broad back and up his shoulders, and I whimper when he pulls his mouth away, leaving his forehead resting against mine and panting hard.

“We’ve got customers,” he whispers.

“I’m so—“ His lips cut me off with a hard kiss.

“We’ll talk later, little bird. We’ve got people to feed.”

What Others Are Saying:

I really did love this book from the author Freya Barker. I have read one other book by her and felt the same way, she has a lovely style of writing that is so fully explained and laid out, you can't help but feel you are part of the cast. ~ 2 Friends Pimp Your Book

This story blew me away from the first page. It deals with serious issues but is also heart-warming as it proves that everyone deserves a second chance at happiness and redemption. ~ Kez Korner

From Dust blew me away! This is hands down the best book I have read in a long time. ~ Goodreads Review

Wow, this book is one intense read and well worth it. This is the first book that I have read by Freya and I am so glad I took a chance after reading the blurb. ~ Obsessed By Books

About the Author:
Freya Barker craved reading about 'real' people, those who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, hot monkey sex and some thrills and chills in their lives – So she decided to write about them.

Always creative, from an early age on she danced and sang, doodled, created, cooked, baked, quilted and crafted. Her latest creative outlets were influenced by an ever-present love for reading. First through blogging, then cover art and design, and finally writing.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, she packed her two toddlers, and eight suitcases filled with toys to move to Canada. No stranger to new beginnings, she thrives on them.

With the kids grown and out in the world, Freya is at the ‘prime’ of her life. The body might be a bit ramshackle, but the spirit is high and as adventurous as ever. Something you may see reflected here and there in some of her heroines.... none of who will likely be wilting flowers.

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My Review:

This was probably one of the most emotional books I've read recently. Probably ever. The book is so heartbreaking that I had tears in my eyes for the bigger part of it. It simply shook me to the core. It is also somewhat different than the typical romance novels. Don't get me wrong, it is still intriguing and enchanting but the main characters will definitely surprise you. And especially Syd. The truth is that it is quite difficult for me to write this review because this story touched me really deep.

Syd is not your normal romantic heroine. She is broken on so many levels that in the beginning I thought she could never heal. Her wounds and demons are a result from a horrific but tragic accident and being betrayed by the people who are supposed to stand beside her and help her heal. The people who instead of helping her overcome her guilt just blamed her that much more and nearly completely obliterated her as a person. That's what brings Syd to the moment when she meets Viv in the dark back alley of the pub and her life changes once more. But before she can find the peace she needs, she has to survive another traumatic experience. But this time Gunnar waits for her on the other side ready to protect her with everything he has. In him, Syd finally finds a shelter from the demons chasing her, finds hope for a better future, and a healing hand that can finally soothe the wounds in her heart.

Gunnar is pretty much your typical alpha dominant male character. With his disheveled sald and pepper hair and glittering and sincere green eyes he is definitely a hottie. When you add to thathis protective streak and tender and loving personality (shown only to the people close to his heart), he is pretty much as close to perfect as you can get. But what makes him really irresistible in my eyes is the devotion and love he has for his children. In my opinion it is simply impossible not to fall for him. But after a pretty bad experience with his ex, Gunnar is definitely not looking for a new leading lady in his life. He is quite content with dedicating his life to his kids and his bar. Well, all those well laid plans go to hell the moment he meets the scared little slip of a woman with gorgeous copper hair and the biggest blue eyes he's ever seen. She calls to his protective side and no matter how much each one of them tries to fight the connection between them, they simply don't have a chance. Unfortunately, Syd and Gunnar have to go through quite a few hurdles before they finally find their peace and happiness. Their road is peppered with heartbreak, sometimes danger and pain, but they always find their safe haven in each other and manage to obliterate all the ugliness with their passion and love.

This was an incredibly emotional and heartbreaking book. In my opinion it is one of the best I've read in a really long time. I definitely loved every single aspect of it: the story, the characters, the tenderness, the heartbreak, the love, the romance and the occasional laughter. It is written in such an incredible way that I can guarantee it will touch your heart and probably even shook you to your core. Simply a must read, if you ask me. So get your #oneclick finger working and pick up a copy. If you haven't read Freya Barker up till now, this book is the perfect one to introduce you to her writing. And If you've read The Cedar Tree series, than you know you are in for a masterpiece. Me personally, I am just thanking my lucky stars that I got introduced to her writing few months ago. It would've been a huge loss otherwise.

And just as a P.S. in the end :D I am hoping that Freya Barker decides to write Viv's story. I think it will be another page turner :)



  1. Thank you so unbelievably much for the heartfelt review. You pegged it just right. xoxox

    1. Thank you Freya :) I really loved the book and I can't wait to see what you will come up next :) And I hope you write Viv's story :) I would definitely love to read that one :)

  2. Thanks so much for sharing... I really want to read this book now!
    I haven't read anything by Freya Barker yet!

    1. Sheryl, Thank you for participating :) Good luck! And you definitely should check the book. It is an amazing one and definitely a must read :)

  3. thank you for a wonderful giveaway
    this book sounds incredible and I look forward to reading it in the near future

  4. i have not read anything by her yet but i am looking forward to it!

  5. I haven't read by her yet, but this review is really convincing :)


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