Monday, August 3, 2015

Blog Tour: Caveman by Avery Kloss


Title: Caveman ( A Time Travel Romance #1) 
Author: Avery Kloss 
Synopsis: After crashing in a freak electrical storm, Janet Delgrange and three other passengers find themselves trapped in the past. They are not alone, traveling amongst long-extinct, giant creatures and the Clovis people, who are primitive and fierce. In order to survive, they must adapt, joining a close-knit tribe, whose alpha hunter, Gundre, frightens and fascinates Janet. Although the language and cultural barriers are extreme, they form a bond … and find a love ten thousand years in the making.

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About Avery Kloss

Having grown up on military bases and traveled the world, Avery Kloss is happily settled now, and ready to pursue her dream of writing. Her first effort is the time travel romance trilogy "Caveman", which will be followed shortly by "Caveman 2" and "Caveman 3".
My Review: 
Caveman is the first book I've read from Avery Kloss and I quite enjoyed. It didn't caught my attention from the very beginning but in the end I loved all the pre-historic setting and stuff. I've always loved it. 

The mix of present and past time narration gave it a really nice pace to the story changing the atmosphere and making it more interesting. I really thought it was the end when it finished, but after reading the teaser of Caveman 2, I can say that things has started to look even more promising. 

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