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Blog Tour, Review & Giveaway: Fallen Angel (Part 3) by Tracie Podger

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Title: Fallen Angel, Part 3
Author: Tracie Podger
Publication Date: December 28, 2014
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Being married to the dark and dangerous Robert Stone doesn't come without its problems - trust being one of them.
Trusting your average husband means you believe he won't cheat on you. Trusting a man like Robert is accepting that he will kill to protect his family.
Brooke loves her husband - mind, body and soul - she will do whatever is necessary to protect that love.
But what happens when Robert discovers he wants something Brooke can't give him?
This is a story of an extraordinary couple who find the strength to become the people they want to be.
But can they have it all?

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“Home,” Robert said, cutting off Gary’s excuse.

I caught Gary’s eye in the rear view mirror and gave him a sly wink and a smile.

“Don’t mind Robert, he’s being grumpy” I said without thinking.

I saw Gary quickly look towards Robert before starting the car and pulling out into the traffic. A minute later Robert placed his hand around my chin, turning my face towards him. His mouth was millimetres from mine, I could feel his breath on my lips.

“Don’t ever undermine me,” he whispered.

I opened my mouth to speak as Robert sat back in the seat and stared stonily ahead. I snapped my mouth shut and we drove home in silence. I didn’t wait for either Gary or Robert to open the car door, opting to do it myself. As Gary drove the car back down the drive, I turned to him. 

“What was that all about?” I asked.

“Gary fucking falls asleep while he’s on duty, I don’t like it and you give him a wink and a smile. Then tell him, what was it, don’t mind Robert. That is undermining me, Brooke.” He unlocked the front door and we climbed the stairs to the lounge where he threw his suit jacket over the back of the sofa.

“I’m not undermining you,” I said, totally confused by this change in him.

“You apologised for me snapping at him. He fucked up, he knows it and you apologise.”

He was really angry and now so was I.

“I was embarrassed, I wasn’t apologising on your behalf. It wasn’t the worst offence in the world, Robert.” As soon as the words left my lips I knew I’d said wrong.

He spun around.

“He falls asleep, Brooke. What if someone took that fucking moment to attack you or me? That’s his fucking job, to stay awake and protect you. He nearly got you killed once and now he’s not on the fucking ball,” he shouted.

“Don’t swear at me, Robert. If you think I undermined you, then I’m sorry and I sure as hell don’t like you shouting at me.” My voice rose on every word until I was shouting back.

“I’m not swearing at you, for fucks sake. I’m pissed, big time. How do I keep control of those guys if you do that, because you’re embarrassed?” he spat the word embarrassed. “And to tell him ‘not to mind me’. I’m his fucking boss, he better fucking mind me. He’s not your friend, he’s here to protect you, drive you around, nothing more.”

Robert paced, running his hand through his hair, a sure sign he was really mad. I shouldn’t have said what I did, I realised that, but I was not happy with being sworn or shouted at in that way. Robert’s temper could be turned on as quick as a light switch and I wanted to find a way to flick that switch to off again. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t being a feeble wife whose husband could walk all over them, but I was someone who would rather talk than stand and shout. I took a couple of calming breaths.

“Will you stop pacing and calm down? I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I did,” I told him.

“Calm down? You made me look a fucking idiot.”

“You’re acting like one now,” I shouted, all attempt at being reasonable gone.

I stood facing him, he stood facing me, both of us breathing hard. Shit, this was our first argument. We had sniped at each other in the past, I had shouted that day after being shot at, but we had never had a full-blown row. A silence followed. As he stood before me, pumped with his fists clenched and his eyes black, a hard hitting punch of wanting, of arousal hit me square in the stomach. As I took a step towards him, he did the same.


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Photo of author Tracie Podger
Tracie Podger currently lives in Kent, UK with her husband and a rather obnoxious cat called George. She’s a Padi Scuba Diving Instructor with a passion for writing. Tracie has been fortunate to have dived some of the wonderful oceans of the world where she can indulge in another hobby, underwater photography. She likes getting up close and personal with sharks.
Tracie wishes to thank you for giving your time to read her books and hopes you enjoy them as much as she loves writing them. If you would like to know more, please feel free to contact her, she would love to hear from you. She will be signing at Peterborough, York, Birmingham and Aberdeen in 2015, and in the U.S. at some 2016 events; drop in if you can and say hello!
Website | Amazon | Facebook | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter (@TRACIEPODGER)

The Fallen Angel Series is available in e-book and paperback versions on


Coming Soon:
Fallen Angel, Part 4

WOW!!! I don't think I have any other words to express how much I loved this book. I fell in love with this series when I read Robert - the short story accompanying the Fallen Angel books, and I just craved more of the tortured alpha-male, the dark and dangerous and extremely delicious Robert stone. So the first thing I did when I had some free time around the holidays was to pick up the first two books in the series and that just kept me falling in love with Tracie Podger's writing even deeper (The reviews of these two books will be up during the following few days). Well, I can tell you that if you loved the first two books, you will be completely enchanted by this third addition to the series.

Robert is still his dominant and protective alpha-male self but he shows quite often also his tender and romantic side. I loved the parts where Mr. Playful showed up. And of course Mr. Intense and pretty much all his personalities. It was amazing to see how the love of a woman changed him. Brooke really managed to tame the beast in a way. He is still fiercely protective of the people he loves and the ones closest to him but he is also much more open with his affections. He even opens his heart to another person who only makes his and Brooke's life even better - more alive, happier :)

Unfortunately, danger still lurks in the corners and Robert once more is forced to protect his family. This time the price could be losing one of the people he loves the most in the world. I have to tell you that the book had quite a few unexpected turns that only made even more entranced by it. I literally couldn't put my Kindle down. 

I loved reading about the dynamics between Brooke and Robert. For one thing, the chemistry between them is scorching hot and I can tell you that there are few scenes that will melt your panties. On the other hand, I loved seeing the compassionate side of Brooke. Ho similar to Robert, she will do everything in her power to keep her family together and happy.

I also immensely enjoyed meeting again Evelyn and Travis. But what happened to Travis brought tears to my eyes. And yes, in the end he did get his HEA in a way but it was still heartbreaking what he had to go through. I can't wait to read some more about him and I am just dying to get my hands on the fourth part of the Fallen Angel series :)

In a few words the book is simply amazing and the whole series is a must read. In my opinion it masterfully combines suspense, romance, heartbreak and some sizzling hot scenes to spice things up. I can safely say that Tracie Podger is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors and most probably I will even read the phone book if she writes it :D So don't miss out and #oneclick this awesome book :)



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