Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bad Boys Monday: Jackson James Benedict III

You probably all know by now that I am a sucker for bad boys. And if they are dominant alpha males with dark pasts that left them scarred in some way, then I am completely out of commission :D

So today in our Bad Boys Monday feature I will introduce you to one of my favorite dominant but broken bad boy, Jackson James Benedict III. He is the swoon worthy main character in The Anchored Hearts series by J.M. Witt. If you haven't read this amazing series and you are still to meet JB3, let me introduce you to him ;) This "tall drink of water" is every woman's wet dream. He is close to six and a half feet tall and has a face that will make you swoon: "great nose, cheekbones and a jawline covered in a dusting of hair". His body is perfectly V shaped with broad shoulders that make you dream of them being wrapped around you ;) And his eyes...yummy... Their green depths of his eyes are brimmed with long dark lashes and once you get trapped into them, you will be completely helpless to resist him :)

So yes, he looks like a walking wet dream but that's not all. James is ex-military and as a leftover from his time in the army, he suffers from severe PTSD (nightmares, anxiety and pretty much everything else you can think of). As addition to all that he is extremely mistrustful of women after a not so nice encounter with a representative of our gender. So yes, he is the ultimate lost cause that every woman will fall for, especially a lover of bad boys like me :D

In addition to his hotness and issues, James is a rich playboy who changes women like he changes underwear (in the cases when he actually wears one :D). He is dominant and he likes his women submissive and engaging in some fun kinky games ;). But he never cares about them... Until he actually meets his Blackbird, the woman who captures his heart and changes him. She helps him heal the wounds from his past and makes him believe in love and HEA again.

So let's sum everything up until now. A walking wet dream... check. Strong dominant alpha male with issues and scars from his past... check. A playboy who changes his ways once he meets his other half... check. A man who is extremely protective of the woman he loves and is ready to do everything for her... check. As a result we have the ultimate bad boy that will melt your panties and leave you panting while you are reading this amazingly good series :) And just to give you a little taste of how swoon worthy JB3 is, tell me, who wouldn't want to hear these words from the man they love ;)

"I love you, always, only and forever you"

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