Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Top Ten Bookish Things (that aren't books) I would like to own

1. Bookshelf with a scale: yes, like the one in Beauty and the Beast (L)

 2. Kindle. I love paper books and I don’t think I will switch to electronic anytime soon, but I’ll admit that sometimes the idea of getting one for the convenience of it is tempting.

3. Nice bookmark. I always end up using some bus ticket or leaflet as a bookmark for fear of missing the cute ones I have but…

4. Personal library. Lifetime dream, a room only for books at my own house.

5. Ok, not sure what this is… but looks super useful to be able to read using just one hand and eat or drink with the other! xD

6. Book pendant. I have a Harry Potter one but I want more! They are just BEAUTIFUL.

7. A hollow book to keep things inside.

8. A bookend like this…

9.     THIS bookshelf!

10. Or this one!



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