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Book Tour Burden of Sisyphus: Giveaway & Review

Title:  Burden of Sisyphus
Series:  Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Book 1
Author:  Jon Messenger
Published:  September 6th, 2013 by Crimson Tree Publishing
Genre:  Science Fiction
Content Warning: Language and Violence
Recommended Age:  16+

Synopsis: Between the alien Alliance and the Terran Empire, a neutral zone stretches between the galaxies, a demilitarized zone that was established 150 years previous, following the Great War. The peace accord granted a semblance of peace to the universe. The peace, however, is a facade, and it is the responsibility of Michael Vance and his covert operations team to maintain that illusion.

Recently, the Alliance lost contact with one of their outposts near the neutral zone. Surveillance scans show an abandoned city and no signs of life. The Alliance does what it always does: send in the best. But an unexpected betrayal leaves Vance and his team stranded. Worse, the city that was supposed to be dead is quite alive. And the monsters that now roam its streets are slaughtering his team, one at a time.

My review:
Lately I´ve been reading a lot of sci-fi books, and so far they my expectations have been fulfill. Though this book goes beyond sci-fi, it is a book about war, companionship, loyalty, mystery and loss.
At the very beginning I was overwhelmed by the characters because there were many and I didn´t differentiate them. I also had problems with the different kind of aliens till I started chapter 3. I was shocked by the big amount of violence that the book has though I loved that it was really descriptive. In that sense, Messenger´s writing style is focused on vivid and detailed description. Not only the action scenes but also describing the characters, their personalities and the places. The author transported me to Vance´s universe.
Though Vance was one of the main characters of the book and I liked him, I found his relationship with Halo confusing. There are two different story lines happening at the same time; Vance´s and Keryn´s. Eza and Keryn were my favorite characters and I was shocked by the way the story developed. I love the Wyndgaarts, I had a crush for Eza, he is really extroverted and nice, and I also like Keryn she is a brave girl.
Some of the things that happened were really surprising. I was in the edge sometimes, the feeling of knowing that something will happen but not knowing what. Burden of Sisyphus is an adventurous read that every action and sci-fi addicts will love.

Mi reseña:
Últimamente he estado leyendo mucha ciencia ficción y de momento se han cumplido todas mis expectativas. Aunque este libro va  más haya de la ciencia ficción, es una libro sobre guerra, compañerismo, lealtad, misterio y perdida.
Al principio estaba completamente abrumada porque hay muchos personajes, aparecen todos a la vez y no diferenciaba a unos de otros. También tenía problemas con los diferentes tipos de extraterrestres hasta que empece el capítulo 3. Me sorprendió la gran cantidad de violencia que hay en el libro, aunque me gustó mucho que fuera muy descriptivo. En este aspecto, el estilo de escritura de Messenger se centra en dar descripciones muy precisas y detalladas, no solo en las acciones de acción si no a la hora de describir a los personajes, sus personalidades y los lugares. El autor me transportó al universo de Vance. A pesar de que Vance es uno de los personajes principales y me gustó, su relación con Halo me pareció muy confusa. Hay 2 historias diferentes pasando a la vez, la de Vance y la de Keryn. Eza y Keryn son mis personajes favoritos y me sorprendió mucha la evolución de la historia. Los Wyndgaarts me encantaron, tenía un flechazo por Eza, es extrovertido y muy majo. Keryn también me gustó, es una chica muy valiente. Algunas de las cosas que pasaron me sorprendieron muchísimo. Muchas veces estaba en el borde porque el autor crea el tipo de suspense en el que sabes que algo va a pasar, pero no sabes el qué. Burden of Sisyphus, es una lectura llena de aventuras que cualquier amante de la ciencia ficción y de la acción le encantará.

About the Author:
Jon MessengerJon Messenger (Born 1979 in London, England) serves as an United States Army Major in the Medical Service Corps.  Since graduating from the University of Southern California in 2002, writing Science Fiction has remained his passion, a passion that has continued through two deployments to Iraq and a humanitarian relief mission to Haiti.

Jon wrote the "Brink of Distinction" trilogy, of which "Burden of Sisyphus" is the first book, while serving a 16-month deployment in Baghdad, Iraq. The trilogy was accepted for publication through Crimson Tree Publishing, an adult imprint of Clean Teen Publishing. Jon Messenger's young adult novel: Wind Warrior was published in June 2013 through Clean Teen Publishing and has hit bestseller status and has been nominated for a Readers Choice Award.

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Title:  Fall of Icarus

Series:  Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Book 2
Author:  Jon Messenger
Published:  September 6th, 2013 by Crimson Tree Publishing
Word Count:  approx. 125,000
Genre:  Science Fiction
Content Warning: Language and Violence
Recommended Age:  16+
Synopsis:  The Terran Empire has broken the Taisa Accord and invaded Alliance space in this exciting second novel in the Brink of Distinction series. Survivors of the Empire's first assault, Yen Xiao and Adam Decker swore vengeance against the Terrans. Joining forces with the enigmatic Keryn Riddell, the three warriors must find a way to destroy the Terran fleet. But the Terrans have a secret weapon: a biological agent sold to them by an renegade smuggler. Now it's a race against the clock to capture the smuggler before the Terrans decimate the Alliance homeworlds.

When everything they do proves to be not enough to stop the Empire's violent invasion, the Alliance takes the fight directly to the Empire by invading Earth! But Earth may not be the biggest threat to the safety of the Alliance. The biggest danger may be one of their own.
Title: Purge of Prometheus
Series:  Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Book 3
Author:  Jon Messenger
Published:  September 6th, 2013 by Crimson Tree Publishing
Word Count:  approx. 123,000
Genre:  Science Fiction
Content Warning: Language and Violence
Recommended Age:  16+
Synopsis:  The final confrontation between the Alien Alliance and the Terran Empire begins in this exciting conclusion to the Brink of Distinction trilogy.
One-by-one, the brilliant suns of Alliance space are disappearing, left cold and lifeless after exposure to the Terran biological epidemic. Trapped on one of the sunless worlds, Keryn Riddell, the ruthless Wyndgaart warrior, fights against both a frozen landscape and her Terran captors.
As Keryn fights for her life, the psychic Yen Xiao leads the Alliance fleet in pursuit of the Terran Destroyers threatening the Alliance homeworlds. Yearning for leadership of the fleet, Yen begins to wonder just how far he’ll go for the power he craves.

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Giveaway Details:
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