Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Book Oscars Winner: Waiting on Wednesday with Penny Reid

As part of our Book Oscar week for Penny Reid, 
we are bringing back Waiting On Wednesday :)
So here is what you can expect next from the lovely Penny Reid!
  • July/August 2017: Winston Brothers, Book #4 (Beau)
  • October/November 2017: 'Marriage of Inconvenience', Knitting in the City Series, Book #7 (Kat)
  • November/December 2017: 'Nobody Looks Good in Leather Pants' eBook and Print editions
  • April/May 2018: Winston Brothers, Book #5 (Roscoe)
  • July/August/September 2018:'Laws of Physics' Trilogy, Hypothesis Series #2 (Abram)
  • October 2018: Winston Brothers, Book #6 (Billy)
  • July/August/September 2019: 'Fundamentals of Biology' Trilogy, Hypothesis Series #3
Well, we can say that Penny will spend a lot of time in her writing cave, that's for sure!

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