Thursday, May 18, 2017

Book Oscars 2016: What You Don't Know About Penny Reid

Hey Everyone :)  
Do you want to learn some interesting facts about our Book Oscar winner Penny Reid? If so, just scroll down and learn some things you don't know about her :)

Hi Penny:)
It's so much fun having you around :D So tell us 10 things our readers don't know about you ;)

1. I’m severely left handed. I’m not even sure what my right hand is for…

2. ‘Penny Reid’ is a penname

3. My blood-type is O+

4. I was a Chemical Engineering undergrad/major in college

5. I’m dyslexic (was diagnosed as “retarded” at 7) and read 1-book a week beginning at age 8 (until after college) in order to try to “fix” myself.

6. I’m the youngest of 5 children.

7. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite video game

8. I coached crew (rowing) for 3 years before I had my first child in 2007.

9. I knit, and crochet, and sew, and lino-print, and every other craft known to hu(wo)mankind.

10. I’m really, really terrible at meeting and talking to people—because I’m a hermit—so I have three friends in “real life”. Total. 

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