Thursday, March 30, 2017

Book Oscars 2016: What You Don't Know About Natasha Madison

Hey Everyone :)  

Do you want to learn some interesting facts about our Book Oscar winner Natasha Madison? If so, just scroll down and learn some things you don't know about her :)

Hi Natasha :)

It's so much fun having you around :D So tell us 10 things our readers don't know about you ;)

1. I hate creepy crawly things and recently snorkeling.
2. I have three kids with one in college
3. I'm actually shy when meeting people
4. I can't talk to a crowd
5. I facetime Aurora Rose Reynolds about five times a day
6. When I'm at Starbucks and they ask my name I always always say Princess
7. I love reality tv shows
8. I used to write for a blog 

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