Tuesday, December 13, 2016

REVIEW: Somewhere In Time

Title: Somewhere In Time ( The Fine Art of Deception) 
Author: Alyssa Richards 
Synopsis: One woman. Two choices. Love or family? Finding the man of her dreams, Adeline Montgomery is finally ready to spend her life with Blake Greenwood. But happily-ever-afters aren’t in the cards for a woman who deals with the dead on a daily basis. Forced to team up with her greatest enemy, Addie must embrace her gift—in order to save those she loves. Desperate to uncover the truth behind her father and grandfather’s disappearances, Addie delves further into the past—confronting the demons of her background. The deeper she digs, the closer she comes to destroying everything she’s ever hoped for. Torn between her loyalty to her family and her love for Blake, Addie must choose between the two. One touch could break them all…

Somewhere in Time is the remarkable continuation of Undoing Time. When I first started this series, I had no expectations and no idea in what I was getting myself into. After reading the first book I thought I had the idea of the series somehow figured it out…. but no! I was left speechless and amazed on how the direction the story has taken.

I am so in love with the universe Alyssa Richards has built as a paranormal version of the world, much more exciting and full of possibilities.  From the very first moment I started reading the story of Addie and Blake I felt in love with both characters. Stories about reincarnation are of my favorites subgenres inside the fantasy world because they blend the power of imagination with a realness that seeps into the bone.

If I thought the first book was a master piece, then I have no words to describe what the second book did to me while I was reading it. It certainly took me some time to read this one because sometimes life gets in the way.

Unfortunately, some of the better books out there are overlooked and I undoubtedly think readers should give new authors a chance to surprise them. I was one of the lucky ones when the author first contacted me with the opportunity to review this series. Hopefully the world will spread out, and deeply powerful works like this novel will reach the readers it truly deserves.

I only have praise and admiration for the work Alyssa Richards has created and the only thing I have left to say is give this series a chance because it may be your new favorite read!

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