Friday, October 2, 2015

The Book Oscars 2015: Nominations & Giveaway by Living In Our Own Story


Hi there Book Lovers!

We decided this year to have our first Book Awards and because we didn't want to be biased, we are giving the opportunity to you to choose the books which will be up for voting :) You have the chance to nominate 3 authors, books or characters in each category from now till December 1st. Then we will count all the votes and the 10 authors, books, characters, etc. with the most votes will continue to the final round :)

In order to have a variety of authors and books in each category, we will really appreciate it if you can spread the word around :) And as a thank you for your help, we have a giveaway  for 6 SWAG Packs :) If we get nominations from more than 5000 readers, we may add some more :) So keep spreading the word around :)

Now here is the Nomination form :)

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