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Bad Boys Monday & Giveaway: Emery & Fenn Lockwood

Looks like I haven't written a Bad Boys Monday post for quite awhile. And you know how huge of a lover of bad boys with a heart of gold and tortured soul I am. So today I decided that I will give you a treat and introduce you to two incredibly hot and tortured heroes that love their other halves with all they have and are ready to give their lives to protect them :) I will give you few hints to who these hotties are :) So, they are twins, separated at the early age of 8 and reunited 25 years later. Both of them lived through hell and they started really living again once they met the women who won their hearts :)

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am talking about Emery and Fenn Lockwood. They are the main characters in the first two books in the Surrender Series by the awesome Lauren Smith. The brothers have a heartbreaking story that brought tears to my eyes. They were kidnapped together when they were only 8 years old and for 25 years it was believed that the only survivor of the kidnapping was Emery. So I will first introduce you to him as he is also the leading hottie in the first book in The Surrender Series, The Gilded Cuff.

So let me tell you who Emery Lockwood is :) He is the CEO of Lockwood Industries and a reclusive billionaire. Emery is also a delicious and broken alpha male. With his sandy blonde hair and mesmerizing hazelnut eyes, he can captivate you on the spot. But adding to that his dominant aura, his closed off personality and the broken soul that shows from his eyes, makes him one of the most desirable BBFs. I am usually more into the tall, dark and dangerous type but Emory is definitely the exception to the rule :) 

The chemistry between Emery and his other half, Sophie is simply off the charts. They simply click together from the first moment their eyes lock on each other at the Gilded Cuff Club. With every passing moment the connection between them becomes stronger and every time they touch they just become more obsessed to each other.

One of the things that really endeared Emory to me, was the way he started changing once he met Sophie. With the help of her loving personality, he begins healing without even realizing it in the beginning. The demons he carries from his childhood are definitely traumatic and would have destroyed many people but the strength he carries in himself helped him survive the nightmare he still relives every single night. And with Sophie by his side he is ready to fight the danger that follows him probably for the first time since the kidnapping. She is simply his other half and she gives him hope and strength when he needs it. And he is ready to give his life for her. So tell me, doesn't that make you swoon :)

As I promised, I will also introduce you to Emory's long lost brother, Fenn. The best way to describe Fenn is using Hayden's (the love of his life) words : "Think Emery but in jeans and boots, and a little more quiet." Well, that definitely makes him swoon worthy already :) But that's not all :) He has a rich laugh and cool, predatory, and sexy smile. He is simply "gorgeous in the way only a rough cowboy could be". But also has demons that torture his soul. He doesn't remember his childhood or anything that occurred during the time he was kidnapped or immediately after that. Everything he has left from who he really is are a sense of loss, pain and the occasional visions of a different life.

If you combine all that up, you cannot deny that Fenn is definitely one alpha dominant male that you will salivate after. Even though he is physically identical to his twin brother and they share some character traits (such as their dominant nature), they are also quite different. I was left with the feeling that he is a little bit wilder than Emory. Where Emory closed off himself from the world and the danger, Fenn, in a way, went seeking it (bull riding is not exactly a safe sport).

The moment Fenn meets Hayden, the connection between them is undeniable and both their lives change forever. The chemistry between them is explosive and the sparks fly from the first moment their eyes meet :) and I cannot say that I blame Hayden :) I will also want to lick that fine specimen of a man from top to bottom (although I am not really sure whether I will start with Fenn or with Emory :D).

With Hayden's help, Fenn starts to remember his past and regains the lost years from his childhood. She gives him the strength he needs to confront his demons and get over them. And that changes Fenn, helps him to open up to the world and meet his family. And it also helps him to recognize her as the woman of his heart, his other half. But with the recovery of his memory, Fenn is once again in the focus of danger and heartache. And he finds himself once again in the position to protect everyone he loves. But this time he has something even more precious to lose, his heart. But that's exactly what also gives him the strength to fight and save and protect the woman he loves.

So in the end let me summarize Emory and Fenn for you :) They have mouthwatering good looks, penetrating hazelnut eyes, sandy blonde hair and a body that will make you dream of tangled sheets and hot sweaty nights :D When you add to that also the twins' dominant aura, their closed off personalities and broken souls, they just become irresistible :) In addition to their dominating tendencies, Fenn and Emory have also heart of gold that they show only to the women who captured their hearts. They are loyal to a fault and will do everything in their power to protect those they love, no matter what the cost is. In a few words, they are just the perfect BBFs. And yeah, both Emery and Fenn, can burn the sheets with their bedroom talents :) So if you haven't met these delicious alphas, I definitely recommend you pick up the series and start reading :)

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