Friday, February 21, 2014

Review: Seven Years to Sin

Title: Seven Years to Sin 
Author: Sylvia Day 
Synopsis: The longer the resistance… Seven years ago, on the eve of her wedding, proper Lady Jessica Sheffield witnessed a licentious scene no innocent young miss could imagine. Shocked, yet strangely titillated, she’d held her silence regarding scandalous Alistair Caulfield, and walked down the aisle as expected. But through years of serene, unremarkable marriage, Caulfield’s image remained burned into her imagination, fueling very illicit dreams… …the sweeter the reward Alistair ran far from the temptation of the prim debutante with the fire of passion in her eyes–all the way to the West Indies. As a successful merchant, he has little in common with the rakehell youth she knew. But when newly widowed Jessica steps aboard his ship for a transatlantic passage, seven years’ worth of denied pleasures are held in check by nothing more than a few layers of silk–and the certainty that surrender will consume them both…

My review: 

I read this book as part of my RARE Event reading challenge. I think I am one of the few romance lovers that haven´t read any Sylvia Day´s books till the moment, but in my defense I have to say that I am always afraid to read authors that are very popular. Though in this case I am really happy I read Seven Years to Sin because it reconnected me with my love for Victorian romances.

The story is wonderfully written, Day´s writng style reminded me of a mixture of Lisa Kleypas and Nora Roberts, two of my favourite authors. Seven Years to Sin is a book full of unexpected twists, the main plot hooks you from the very beginning but the subplots are the basis that make Jess and Alistair´s story reliable. There is a lot of sexual tension in the whole book and it come from everywhere not just from the main couple. Thruth to be say, with such a hot man as Alistair I don´t know how the book didn´t combust from the sexual power. Seven Years to Sin is a historical romance with touches of contemporary romance since I missed more historical facts and dates to portray the whole setting of the novel.

I really liked that it is not the typical historical romance where the heroine is a helpless virgin and the hero is a flawless gentleman. I loved all the dark secrets around Alistair and the hidden desires Jess had without her realizing it. I would give a 10 out of 10 to the characters, even the secondary ones are perfectly described. There were even times when I wanted to read more about Michael and Hester than about Jess and Alistair. The sex scenes were hot but in the end I kind of was tired of them, half book is about sex, which I like reading about  but in the end I was more interested in their feelings than in their sexual encounters.

Seven Years to Sin is the perfect mix of a historical novel and a contemporary romance story full of sex, mysteries and unexpected twists. It is the perfect book for romance addicts looking for a hot hero and a determined heroine fighting for their future in an England full of social constrains.

This song reminds me of Alistair and Jess relationship in the beginning. What do you think?

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