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Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt: Scoring Mr. Romeo (Finding Mr. Wrong #3) by A.M. Madden & Joanne Schwehm

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Title: Scoring Mr. Romeo
Authors: A.M. Madden & Joanne Shwehm
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: January 15th, 2018


Here’s a tip: never underestimate romance.

Falling in love was the furthest thing from my mind. I’m a single mother raising a strong little boy, and he is my one and only priority.

The universe felt otherwise, sending me—actually, my son’s soccer ball—hurdling toward a stunningly handsome, perfect man, who said all the right things. He made it hard to ignore how much I missed romance.

In the past, when I met a man, they ran as soon as they heard I was a widow with a child. Not this guy. No, he fell in love with my son, and in turn my son fell in love with him. But, it was hard to believe he felt the same about me. My job was to be the strong one—to protect our hearts from sweet dreams that never lasted.


Women told me I was a master of romance. They were right. I knew how to sweep a woman off her feet, to make her feel special, and good in all the right places. I wasn’t a saint. I’ve had my share of one-night stands. They served their purpose, giving me a steady diet of romance without the hassle of commitment.

Then one day at the park, a soccer ball came careening toward my head, and my life changed in an instant. I never imagined that true love would come in the form of a five-year-old little boy. And then I got to know his mother: She was strong, independent, drop-dead gorgeous, and someone I desired - I just needed to prove it to her.

She called me Mr. Romeo, and that was fine with me.

Lesson learned: Love always trumps everything.


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Luca’s POV

Only an inch separated our mouths, but the cool air that replaced her warm lips had me going back for more. Wanting to feel them again, the second time I pressed harder. She parted just enough to convey she also wanted more.

My conscience nagged, forcing me to again break the connection and end the temptation. Her breath hitched when I added more distance, as if I removed her source of oxygen.

“I better go,” I whispered. The uncertainty in her eyes killed me. “Sabrina, I don’t want to… I need to.”

About the Authors:

A.M. Madden

A.M. Madden is a USA Today bestselling published author with Loveswept/Random House as well as Ever After Romance.

A.M. is a wife, a mother, an avid reader of romance novels, and now an author.

“It’s all about the HEA.”

A.M. Madden is the author of the popular Back-Up Series, as well as several other contemporary romances. She is also a published author with Loveswept/Random House.

Her debut novel was Back-up, the first in The Back-Up Series. In Back-Up, A.M.’s main character Jack Lair caused readers to swoon. They call themselves #LairLovers, and have been faithful supporters to Jack, as well to the rest of his band, Devil’s Lair.

A.M. truly believes that true love knows no bounds. In her books, she aspires to create fun, sexy, realistic romances that will stay with you after the last page has been turned. She strives to create characters that the reader can relate to and feel as if they know personally.

A self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, she loves getting lost in a good book. She also uses every free moment of her time writing, while spending quality time with her three handsome men. A.M. is a Gemini and an Italian Jersey girl, but despite her Zodiac sign, nationality, or home state, she is very easy going.

She loves the beach, loves to laugh, and loves the idea of love.

Joanne Schwehm

Joanne is a mother and wife and loves spending time with her family. She’s an avid sports watcher and enjoys the occasional round of golf.

Joanne loves to write and read romance. She believes everyone should have romance in their lives and hopes her books bring joy and happiness to readers who enjoy modern day fairy tales and breathless moments.

She is an independent romance author and has written several contemporary romance novels, including The Prescott Series, Ryker, A Heart’s Forgiveness, The Critic and The Chance series.

Joanne looks forward to sharing more love stories in her future novels.

My Review:
A.M. Madden is one of my favorite authors and this series she is writing with Joanne Schwehm is so much fun. But to be honest, I think this one is my all time favorite from the series. There is just something about Luca that makes him irresistible. And the story line in itself is incredible. It is filled with romance, laughter, heartbreak, scorching hotness and an adorable little boy that will simply melt your heart.

While I was reading the first two books in the series, I've always thought that Luca and Cassie will end up together. So I was a little bit disappointed when the authors went into a different direction. But once I started reading Scoring Mr. Romeo, it was just so obvious that Sabrina and Luca are meant to be. Well, to be honest, my first thought was that it was Luca and Mikey who were meant to be :D It was obvious from there very first meet when Mikey left his green and blue handprints on Luca's khaki trousers framing his package beautifully :D And the second meet was even better but I will leave that for you to find out :D

The relationship between Luca and Sabrina is definitely not an easy one. Though Luca is a droolworthy dominant alpha ready to take charge when necessary and be the perfect romantic when the occasion calls for it, he still does mistakes from time to time. Unfortunately, those mistakes trigger Sabrina's insecurities as a single mother and a widow. Though she survived the heartache and betrayal, the scars left behind have not healed completely and that makes her question the possibility for a new beginning and a new HEA with one incredible man. which of course leads to more heartbreak. So be prepared.

As a whole, I really loved the story. Luca is definitely a BBF that I can dream about and Mikey is just so adorable :) And it doesn't hurt that Sabrina is a strong woman, trying to overcome her insecurities and fight her way to her HEA with the one man who makes her feel alive and loved. I think it is the best conclusion to the series. Though I hope the authors will tell the stories of the rest of the friends. My priority is definitely Cassie and Dante. I am pretty sure that one is going to be a blast :)

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