Tuesday, February 9, 2016

REVIEW: Blushing Apples by Destiny Dawn

Author: Destiny Dawn 
Synopsis: Elana really can't help herself when she steals the first bite and it's all downhill from there. After seeing the fruit every day, she thought one would be enough, but to her flustered surprise it's not. All she can think about is the succulent apple in her hand and the taste across her lips. She hungers for more, and is willing to do anything for another taste. Warning: This book contains situations involving feeding and threesomes. This book is fully adult and contains graphic descriptions of sex. Please be aware of this when you purchase and enjoy a slice of devious pie without feeling guilty.

This book was really unexpected.
I went kind of blind to read it, with neither possitive nor negative expectations. It is a short read but I have to say that the unique way to sart made me want to know what was going on with the apples. 
And talking about apples, I am never going to look at apples the same way again, EVER! How can such a mundane task as eating an apple become an erotical act.

The most relevant part of Blushing Apples is the exquisit4e writing style and narrative, because in just a few pages, the author has managed to create a deep story that catches the reader´s attention. 

A nice short erotic story with an apple fetish!

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