Review Policy

Living In Our Own Story is accepting reviewing requests from authors, publishers, blog tours.  We accept:

  •           ARC
  •           eBooks (in pdf, epub, lit or mobi),
  •           Print copies (noted that we live in Spain, England and Italy, and we know the shipping costs are expensive though we prefer reading in paper)
  •           Books in English, Spanish, Bulgarian or Italian
The genres we usually read and accept are:

  •          Contemporary Romance
  •           Historical Romance
  •      Romantic Suspense 
  •      Teens & Young Adult
  •           Fantasy
  •           Science-Fiction
  •           Dystopian
  •           New Adult / College Age Fiction
  •           Paranormal / Urban Fantasy
  •           Chick Lit / Sweet Humorous Romance
  •           Erotica / Erotic Romance
  •      M/M

     We do not accept:
  • Non-fiction
  •  Religious
  •  Self-Help
  •  Poetry
  •  Horror
  •   Thriller

Our reviews are honest and respectful. We based our reviews in the 5 stars grading system, the same of Goodreads. If any book is given a rate lower than 3 stars, we´ll contact you and if you do not want the review to be published on the blog, we will not post it. Our opinions on the books are not influenced by who you are, the publisher or any external influence.

Reviews will be posted from 2-4 weeks after receiving the book. It should be noted that we are students and there are some months when we won´t be able to accept or post many reviews (January, February, May and June).

Our reviews are posted  in English and if requested in Spanish and Italian, it should be noted that we translate the synopsis by ourselves if the book has not been published in Spanish or Italian. The reviews contain: title of the book, author, publisher, synopsis, our opinion, a possible quote from the book and a star rating. If requested we will also add the purchase links. We post the reviews on the blog, Goodreads, Amazon and if requested in B&N, or any other platform.

To contact us, please send an email to including the title of the book, cover, synopsis, author and genre. We will answer your request as soon as possible.

Living In Our Own Story is also open to host authors interviews, blog tours, Facebook takeovers, cover reveals, book blitzes, giveaways (preferably international) and promotional events.

Thank you for your interest!

Azahara & Marina & Elisa

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